Cassper Nyovest Destroying culture

Image via Instagram: @Cassper Nyovest

Eish! Cassper Nyovest is unhappy with Mzansi’s ‘culture of destroying’

Local rapper Cassper Nyovest got a good dragging from Mzansi tweeps after saying that South Africans have a ‘culture of destroying’.

Cassper Nyovest Destroying culture

Image via Instagram: @Cassper Nyovest

South African rapper Cassper Nyovest is not happy with South Africans and he recently made this very clear. The hip hop star recently took to his Twitter page where he weighed in on fellow musician Zahara saying that she was not recognised enough as a South African musician.

Cassper shares his thoughts

Mzansi rapper Cassper Nyovest has clearly had it with South Africans. The rapper headed to Twitter on Wednesday 18 August to criticise locals who have a ‘culture of destroying.’ His harsh words come after a local tweep commented that South African songstress Zahara wasn’t recognised enough in the country.

Zahara seemingly agreed with the tweep and said: “Jay Z said it best: ‘numbers don’t lie, check the scoreboard’.” Soon thereafter Nyovest also shared his thoughts about South Africans and the aspects he thinks they are severely lacking in:

“South Africa doesn’t have a culture of preserving, we have a culture of destroying. All that is good, must perish. We love to replace, not to embrace,” he wrote.

While he was speaking about Zahara and her lack of recognition, one can’t help but wonder if the tweet may be a result of his feelings towards the way many South Africans have reacted to his sneaker which he designed in collaboration with local footwear brand, Drip Footwear.

The South African previously reported how one tweep referred to the Root of Fame 990 sneaker as an “insult to the consumer.”

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Meanwhile here is what locals have to say about having “a destroying culture”:

South Africans are not impressed with what Cassper has to say and resorted to dragging him about complaining about not getting enough support from locals despite all his financial and musical success:

@RealBvumbi said:

“We are buying your lame sneakers, isn’t that enough?”

@thembeka91 said:

“Of course it had to be you who resonates with this post. Her numbers are insane because of the support this country has given her from day 1. You are always complaining about support as if your fans aren’t the reason you have all you have today. Please spare us tu.”

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