The EFF was dragged for posting DJ Fresh

Photo: Twitter / DJ Fresh

‘A whole rape accused’: SA not happy with EFF sharing a DJ Fresh clip

South Africans are not happy that the EFF shared a clip of the rape-accused DJ Fresh wishing them a ‘Happy Birthday’.

The EFF was dragged for posting DJ Fresh

Photo: Twitter / DJ Fresh

A few months ago, DJ Fresh found himself embroiled in a scandal. It all started when the popular radio personality was accused of sexually assaulting a young woman – something he denies to this day. While it’s no longer a hot topic in Mzansi, Fresh recently got dragged after the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) shared a clip on Twitter of him wishing them a Happy Birthday.

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South African radio personality and hitmaker DJ Fresh, as well as the EFF recently got dragged by a number of South Africans after the party headed to Twitter to share a video clip of the DJ wishing them on their eighth birthday.

In the clip, Fresh can be seen with a big smile on his face as he shares his well wishes while speaking in Setswana.


South Africans were not impressed with the political party for giving a rape accused a platform. A lot of them felt as if the EFF was sympathising with an accused rapist and in doing so, disregarding the struggle of women who were raped and then silenced. As a result, a number of tweets dedicated to bashing the party were born.

Read a few of the tweets made by upset and outraged tweeps below:

@sthebeworldwide said:

“Delete this nonsense. @Julius_S_Malema how can you allow this nonsense mara wena. A whole rape accused. Aowa.”

@Mayozat said:

“Don’t worry you will see him on ANC podiums come elections. Artists and DJs know which side of their bread is buttered at a particular time.”

@DontTrustTheFl1 said:

“Shame…he is trying to make a comeback and backing all horses”

@FuturePrezidet said:

“A whole rape accused is wishing you guys a happy birthday, might as well call Euphonik to do the same”

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