duduzane zuma

Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane Zuma. Image via Instagram @buttercurrency_.

Duduzane Zuma cleans up the streets in latest campaign clip [watch]

‘Every day is an opportunity to serve,’ is Duduzane Zuma’s newest motto as he continues his presidential campaign.

duduzane zuma

Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane Zuma. Image via Instagram @buttercurrency_.

The son of former president Jacob Zuma, Duduzane Zuma, is living two completely different lives. When he isn’t driving around in sports cars in hi-tech Dubai streets and dancing with scantly dressed models on yachts, he is armed with a bucket mop and now even garden tools as he “makes South Africa a better place again”. The latest video which is undoubtedly part of his presidential campaign – shows the young Zuma among other workers as they clean up the side of a highway.

As all of his clips do, this one received a number of reactions from people who appear to be genuinely impressed by his efforts.

Duduzane Zuma commences operation ‘clean up SA’

38-year-old Duduzane Zuma has set his sights on the presidential seat and it appears nothing can deter him from this goal.

The son of one of SA’s most controversial former president Jacob Zuma is appearing in more and more videos doing his part for communities and South Africa as a whole.

With the help of his close friend and arguably biggest supporter Winston Innes, he is storming social media with numerous clips showing him doing all sorts of good in the name of bettering the country.

In the latest clip shared on Instagram by Innes, Duduzane is wearing shorts and boots as he cleans the side of a street.

The clip was captioned:

“The work doesn’t stop, every day is an opportunity to serve.”

While it may all be a show for social media and securing future votes – he definitely is winning some people over.

Comment section is busy

Many of them shared words of encouragement with their “future president” and appear to relish in the thought of him as the country’s leader.

makoyaworst_b commented:

 “The future is bright under uMsholozi.”

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