Zinhle mourning aka

DJ Zinhle’s latest snap has been criticised by X users.
Image via Twitter

‘Unfollow me’: DJ Zinhle claps back after fan tells her how to mourn

DJ Zinhle has defended her decision to advertise her Era accessories collection just a few weeks after her daughter Kairo’s dad AKA died.

Zinhle mourning aka

DJ Zinhle’s latest snap has been criticised by X users.
Image via Twitter

South African musician and businesswoman DJ Zinhle — real name Zinhle Jiyane — has been called out by an Instagram user who said that she shouldn’t be advertising her products so soon after the death of her child Kairo Forbes’ father, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. According to the troll, Zinhle should be considering her daughter’s feelings during this time and not trying to sell her fashion accessories.

Not letting this one go, Zinhle shared a scathing response with the troll much to the delight of her fans who applauded her for putting the troll in her place.

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Zinhle puts troll in her place

After AKA’s passing on the 10 of February this year, his former girlfriend and mother of his child DJ Zinhle shared a number of posts about his passing.

DJ Zinhle
DJ Zinhle pays tribute to AKA. Images via Instagram @djzinhle.

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Shortly afterward, it was back to business as usual for Zinhle who once again started posting about her accessory company Era by DJ Zinhle.

This did not sit well with one of her followers who shared that she did not think Zinhle was being thoughtful about Kairo’s feelings by advertising her products less than a month after AKA’s passing.

“Your daughter’s feelings should be more important to you than the handbags,” the naysayer said.

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A scathing hot clapback

The comment didn’t sit well with Zinhle who quickly told the troll where to get off.

Wasting no time, Zinhle wrote:

“If you are uncomfortable, I highly suggest that you unfollow me.”

Zinhle also added that she has children to feed and that the only way she can do that is by selling her bags and other accessories.

Take a look at the full exchange below.

Mzansi is loving it

The post was met with a round of applause from Zinhle’s fans who loved how she was standing up for herself.

A number of them commended her for speaking respectfully despite being disrespected.

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