DJ Zinhle

South African DJ Ntombezinhle Jiyane, popularly known as DJ Zinhle. Image via Instagram @murdahbongz.

‘This is the last one’: No more babies for DJ Zinhle! [photos]

‘I think I’m done’: DJ Zinhle says she does not intend on having any more babies after the arrival of ‘Baby Bongz’ with boyfriend Murdah Bongz.

DJ Zinhle

South African DJ Ntombezinhle Jiyane, popularly known as DJ Zinhle. Image via Instagram @murdahbongz.

South African DJ Ntombezinhle Jiyane, popularly known as DJ Zinhle, confirmed her pregnancy on 23 August and has since said this will be her last baby.


Following her pregnancy and reality show announcement, the Umlilo hitmaker revealed that she does not intend on having any more babies because it takes so long to make a baby and well, she is a busy woman running several businesses from her Era By DJ Zinhle jewelry brand to her wig brand Hair Majesty by DJ Zinhle.

“This is the last one. That’s for sure. It just takes so long to make a baby. If it took a shorter period maybe I’d have another one but I think I’m done. This is it for me,” said DJ Zinhle to Tshisa Live

Swipe left for the first official picture of the Indlovu hitmaker’s beautiful baby bump.

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Black Motion’s Bongani Mohosana, popularly known as Murdah Bongz, is the father of DJ Zinhle’s baby. The businesswoman has often expressed how grateful she is to have him love and support her through the journey. She also added that the pregnancy has made their relationship more solid.

“Bongani and I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I think because of my first pregnancy I wasn’t as scared as I could’ve been. It’s a big change. I’m super excited but also super nervous. He’s very nervous about it but also super supportive and I think it made our relationship more solid,” she continued.

Murdah Bongz recently shared a picture of the babies nursery.

DJ Zinhle also expressed that Murdah Bongz has been so patient and calming with her. 

“I took advantage of Bongani’s love and affection and kindness and everything. To be able to share this moment in that way with him was special because he is so patient and so calming and kind and having him around was something I needed for the pregnancy,” said DJ Zinhle to The Citizen.

Murdah Bongz also posted a sweet tribute to his girlfriend thanking God for her.

Although she did add that he has had more morning sickness than she has!


Following DJ Zinhle’s pregnancy announcement YouTuber and journalist Solomon Izang Ashoms named and shamed the DJ for having a second child with a different man, while still being unmarried. DJ Zinhle has six-year-old Kairo Forbes with rapper AKA.

“First baby with AKA, unmarried and again, I’m not imposing my values on her, no thats her values, she can choose to do whatever she wants with her life, with her body but at the same time I also have the right to talk about my opinion,” said the YouTuber.

The entrepreneur said she did not intend on addressing such trolls on social media.

“It’s so boring. We are in a nation of women who are raising children alone. It’s just so boring for me that’s why I didn’t even address it because I felt that this guy (Bongani) knows what’s up,” said DJ Zinhle to Tshisa Live.

DJ Zinhle went on to explain that she had to tell her daughter Kairo last and in stages to mentally prepare her to be a big sister.

“Kairo is aware now, we had to tell her in stages and prepare her mentally by asking her whether she would share her play room and who she would share it with … Kairo is a kid … we really had to tell her last,” said DJ Zinhle.