DJ Tira moonwalk dance

DJ Tira and Michael Jackson. Images via michaeljackson & @djtira0

Mzansi’s Michael Jackson: DJ Tira’s moonwalk dance moves go viral [watch]

DJ Tira caught some of Michael Jackson’s spirit as he produced some amazing moonwalk dance moves on a show.

DJ Tira moonwalk dance

DJ Tira and Michael Jackson. Images via michaeljackson & @djtira0

DJ Tira produced impressive moonwalk dance moves that the late Michael Jackson popularly did.

DJ Tira found himself trending after his drunk video went viral on social media in the past few days. Indeed, DJ Tira can be drunk when he has to, but he never disappoints when it comes to dancing moves.

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Taking it deep, DJ Tira produced Michael Jackson’s moonwalk dance moves and shocked fans. Indeed, many artists have danced before, including Tira himself, but his latest moves are top-class. If DJ Tira could continue to produce such a class constantly, Mzansi probably would not miss Michael Jackson so much.

Indeed, DJ Tira is the country’s Malume, and no one can challenge for that title and win it. Who can do what DJ Tira does, a complete artist who only vibes after vibes?

DJ Tira moonwalk dance
DJ Tira. Image via Instagram @djtira


In the middle of a good performance, Malume added some spicy to the show, and fans went wild. Taking his hit song Sikilidi to the fans, DJ Tira showed Jackson in him as he produced some great moves.

Fans screamed joyfully, and so was the comment section as fans enjoyed him. Indeed, DJ Tira had managed to maintain the quality he had when he broke onto the scene. He is improving with time; his experience is making him the undisputed national Malume.

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Of course, DJ Tira must have been practising so much before the show. Otherwise, he could not produce such delicate Michael Jackson dance moves. Also, DJ Tira is a man who loves the gym, and it has helped him to keep fit. This high fitness level allows him to do many things people his age can not do.

Indeed, with such levels, if God wishes, we will only be having a better and better DJ Tira.

Watch as DJ Tira produces Michael Jackson’s moonwalk dance moves


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