DJ Shimza has accused an Uber Eats driver of stealing his food delivery.
Images via Twitter

New scam alert? Shimza accuses Uber drivers of stealing food

Another day, another scam. This time DJ Shimza and fellow tweeps are accusing Uber Eats drivers of stealing their food deliveries…


DJ Shimza has accused an Uber Eats driver of stealing his food delivery.
Images via Twitter

Another day, another scam…This time, delivery food services like Uber Eats are being fingered. And for South Africans like Shimza, it’s purely unacceptable…

The DJ – real name Ashley Raphala – shared his experiences on Twitter. And surprisingly, many tweeps – including celebs – had similar experiences.


In a series of tweets, Shimza revealed how an Uber Eats driver had allegedly scammed him. This, after he placed an order on the food delivery app via card payment one evening this week.

According to Shimza, the driver arrived with the food parcel but did not deliver it to his door. Instead, he “drove past” the property, claiming Shimza had “cancelled” the order.

He tweeted: “Uber Eats drivers have found a way to steal food. I had to call my gate to not let the driver out after completing the delivery without delivering the food. He says I cancelled while I saw him just pass my house. Security brought him back after he refused to drive back”.

Shimza continued, explaining the logic behind the “scam”: “It’s the last delivery of the day, the shop has closed, so he wouldn’t be able to take back the food, passing my house was so that when Uber eats check his tracker, it shows that he went to the address. All he has to say is that he did deliver”.


According to Shimza, he received a mediocre response from Uber Eats after reporting the incident.

Sharing a screenshot, the DJ revealed how customer service had thanked him for his, but fell short of offering any apology or compensation.

On Twitter, however, Uber seemed more willing to assist, offering to take the matter further.


Meanwhile, fellow celebs shared similar experiences in the comments section.

DJ Warras: “One day, this guy stole our Turn & Tender. It was like R800, family meal vibes. I was so mad. We had to order again and go collect it.”

Heavy K: “They did this to me.”

DJ Ngwazi: “Last time, the driver didn’t leave Spur, and the driver claimed he arrived at my house and tried to reach me.”

DJ Franky: “Trash app this. Stop using it. The driver is telling you to report him because he knows your complaint will be handled by their automated responses, even on DM. Standards are now below Bolt. They won’t hire real people to respond.”

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Tweeps joined in too…

@Xolisa_Dambuza: “They do this all the time. I once had to order for the 2nd time after a charged order was not delivered.”

@ZNtsizwa: “Their driver once delivered my order which I paid for, but he marked it as unpaid on the app. I had to pay again before I could place an order.”

@PediNostalgia: “They did this to me last December, and till today I haven’t got my money back. That’s why now I’m only using cash”.