DJ Sbu

A new picture of DJ Sbu has gone viral after tweeps called him a ‘dirty hobo’.
Image via Twitter

‘Turning into a hobo’: Tweeps demand ‘intervention’ for DJ Sbu

‘Pray for DJ Sbu’: Tweeps are calling on friends and family of DJ Sbu to stage an intervention after another pic of him went viral.

DJ Sbu

A new picture of DJ Sbu has gone viral after tweeps called him a ‘dirty hobo’.
Image via Twitter

The image of DJ Sbu – real name Sbu Leope – that many South Africans have come to know and love is no more, and in its place is what many are calling a “dirty hobo”.

The media personality and Mofaya creater has gone viral once again after another pic of his appearance raised eyebrows.


In the pic circulating on Twitter, DJ Sbu sports his now trademark dreadlocks and bristling beard, whilst wearing a cap, shades, and a multi-coloured coat.

But tweeps are not impressed in the least with DJ Sbu’s appearance and have compared him to a “homeless man”.

Here’s what tweeps had to say:

@SciiTheComedist: “South African celebrities don’t care about one another, look at DJ Sbu slowly turning into a hobo. Where are his celebrity friends and why are they not intervening?”

@thawengt1: “Something is terribly wrong with him”

@IamLungileDlam1: “DJ Sbu’s situation demands intervention. This is beyond normal. This guy was one of the most prominent in the industry now look at him”

@IcebergDru: “He might be rich and all, but this guy is dirty. He must cut this nonsense”

@Kabelo_0915: “Looks like he needs more water than Mofaya”


One tweep even roped in singer Zahara, who has a strained relationship with the former TS Records co-owner.

@Mmeli71211860: “He must go to Zahara and confess his sins, ask for forgiveness”. 


After a pic of DJ Sbu looking “unkempt” went viral last month, many tweeps suggested the star was dealing with “karma” following his management of Zahara.

Some even claimed that the singer’s ancestors were “dealing” with him.

According to the Loliwe singer, DJ Sbu, and fellow TS Records exec TK Nciza allegedly “owe” her “millions of rands”.

Zahara initially made the claims in 2019, claiming that the duo was allegedly withholding royalties from her debut album. But Sbu rubbished the claims, tweeting last year: “Ms. Zahara’s money has always gone to her.”

Whilst Zahara has remained mum on DJ Sbu’s look, podcaster Nkululeko n Cultr has defended him.

He said in a recent episode: “Isn’t Sbu a successful businessman, a multi-millionaire? …We need to elevate the level of thinking as a group of people”.