DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu has been trolled on social media after he gifted a superfan just R50.
Image via Twitter

‘I believe Zahara’: DJ Sbu trolled after giving ‘biggest fan’ R50 [watch]

Small change? DJ Sbu has left social media users reeling after he gifted a man who claimed to his ‘biggest fan’ just R50.

DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu has been trolled on social media after he gifted a superfan just R50.
Image via Twitter

DJ Sbu may have met his biggest fan in Mzansi, but his reception towards the man has been widely ridiculed on social media.

The media personality, businessman, and motivational speaker came face-to-face with a man who claimed to be the star’s most loyal supporter.

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In a video that went viral on Twitter, DJ Sbu is seen on the side of an unknown road chatting to a man who claims to be his “biggest fan”.

And by the looks of it, the unidentified man put his money where his mouth is. Dressed in a unique garment fashioned out of Mofaya energy drinks, the man seemingly made a living out of entertaining road users.

“I like Mofaya, I drink it when I have money”, the humble man told his hero.

But DJ Sbu – who is a self-confessed millionaire – had social media users reeling after he gifted the man just R50. “Just because you drink Mofaya, this is from me to you. Thank you brother”, he said enthusiastically as he handed the man the cash.

DJ Sbu has made headlines of late over his care-free appearance of long dreadlocks and a growing beard. Social media users have even claimed that he is “cursed” by singer Zahara’s ancestors after she accused him of exploiting her at his former music label TS Records.


But whilst R50 may sound like a generous tip to some, many felt the DJ was being “cheap” with his cash donation.

Here’s what Twitter users had to say:

@ChrisExcel102: “DJ Sbu is almost a billionaire but he doesn’t play with money”

@inkingayodwa: “DJ Sbu is unfair, just R50 only? No. This guy left Zimbabwe and swam across the crocodile-infested Limpopo River to come and wear his energy drink cans. All flavours. R50? No”

@drfmkhonto: “I’m sorry to say it but after seeing this, now I believe Zahara”

@kingfreshwalter: “DJ Sbu should’ve appreciated this man’s creativity around his Mofaya brand, especially since he knew he was gonna use him to promote himself and the brand”

@hloni_jurist: “DJ Sbu no way you can justify what you did here. Go back to that guy and show more appreciation. What you did here shows that you are a merchant of commerce instead of being a merchant of hope”