Mlindo the Vocalist

DJ Maphorisa says Milindo the Vocalist ‘backstabbed’ him. Images via Facebook: DJ Maphorisa and Mlindo The Vocalist

‘I’m not mad’: Maphorisa details how Mlindo the Vocalist ‘backstabbed’ him

DJ Maphorisa says Mlindo the Vocalist worked with his road manager Nyiko behind his back adding that the two ‘cut him off’.

Mlindo the Vocalist

DJ Maphorisa says Milindo the Vocalist ‘backstabbed’ him. Images via Facebook: DJ Maphorisa and Mlindo The Vocalist

Over the years, DJ Maphorisa has helped several budding musicians get on their feet, including the likes of LucasRaps, Sha Sha and Tyler ICU. Maphorisa, who was instrumental in the discovery of afro-pop star Mlindo the Vocalist, said he felt betrayed by him. 

In a lengthy Facebook post, Maphorisa mentioned that he felt the Macala hitmaker “backstabbed him” but was forgiving saying “everybody makes mistakes”. 


Mlindo the Vocalist was discovered by DJ Maphorisa in 2018 after he remixed the producer’s popular hit, Midnight Starring. The 26-year-old vocalist was then signed to Maphorisa’s BlaqBoy Music record label. 

In the same year, Mlindo released his debut album, Emakhaya featuring his hit track Macala and went on to collaborate with several other major artists including Sjava, Samthing Soweto and Vusi Nova.

In 2020, Milindo tweeted that there was so much “greed” in the music industry but did not expand on the matter. Tweeps came up with their own conclusions about what happened and Maphorisa’s name became a topic of discussion.

One tweep wrote: “What has Maphorisa done now?”


Taking to Facebook on Saturday 29 January, Maphorisa said Mlindo the Vocalist “backstabbed” him. According to Maphorisa, when Mlindo arrived in Johannesburg, he connected the singer with his road manager, Nyiko Bilankulu. 

“At the time Nyiko was super broke but a cool hard-working guy so I gave him a chance not knowing the devil. To cut the story short after two years, I hear Nyiko is Mlindo’s manager. They cut me off my percentage, he promoted himself,” said Maphorisa. 

“Now Mlindo says he wants to come back to Blaqboy but contractually he is still my artist, I still love him. He is my boy, we all make mistakes and yes we’re going to make the next project.”

“I’m not mad because I have built a big room for disappointment I have seen people come and go in my life a lot.” 

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Entertainment blogger Musa Khawula reposted Maphorisa’s Facebook post on Twitter that set tongues wagging. Some praised Maphorisa’s “humility” while others praised him for forgiving Mlindo. 

One tweep wrote: “DJ Maphorisa has always been a smart and bigger person, humble and apologetic when wrong and always forgiving.” 

“Phori is a greal G, no wonder he is so blessed,” wrote another tweep. 

“You gotta love Maphorisa for the big heart he was. Him acknowledging that he let them be when they chose to be on their own. And now again saying the doors are still open for Mlindo.”

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