Dawn Thandeka King

‘DiepCity’ actress Dawn Thandeka King. Image: supplied

‘DiepCity’: The real reason why Dawn Thandeka King went AWOL

‘I’m not pregnant; I wish I were’: Actress Dawn Thandeka King has explained her three-month absence in an Instagram post.

Dawn Thandeka King

‘DiepCity’ actress Dawn Thandeka King. Image: supplied

DiepCity actress Dawn Thandeka King, who plays the role of Mashenge, recently got candid about her challenges of recovering from a knee injury which she sustained while on set of the popular Mzansi Magic soapie.

The actress took to her Instagram account and surprised her followers when she revealed that she was disabled for three months and therefore unable to work.


She began her Instagram video by telling her fans that she was injured while doing what she loves and captioned her video: 

On the 16th of April 2021, while doing something that I love doing more than anything else in the world, a terrible accident happened.

I will share the details in my next post. Stay tuned, this is my journey to healing … 

‘I am not pregnant’

The actress wanted to assure her fans that she is not pregnant and rubbished the rumours of her pregnancy: 

I’m not pregnant; I wish I were. I just have a knee injury and I have been trying to communicate this to people.

And there was a video where I was talking about what I did a few months ago and all I said was ‘I was tired’.

I was tired from not being able to move because I was lying here the whole time.

Dawn Thandeka King: ‘I had to go for surgery’

King went on to tell her followers that her injury caused her immobility for a while and that she had to have an operation:

In April, I injured my knee on set. So that meant I had to go for surgery.

And that meant I was immobile, I’ve been immobile. For three months I was completely immobile.

I didn’t want anyone to know I was injured because I wanted to heal on my own.


Her fans on DiepCity have wondered if the actress has exited the show as she hasn’t appeared on the show for a few months due to her injury.

The actress plays a domestic worker, a wife to Bonga (Hamilton Dlamini), and a mother to daughters Nox (Nozuko Ncayiyane) and Lungile  (Luyanda Shezi).

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King is the second actress this year to sustain an injury on set as The Queen actress Zandile Msutwana had to be temporarily replaced by Thembisa Mdoda-Nxumalo due to an injury.

The actress took leave for several months and reprised her role this past Monday 2 August after recovering.

Ferguson Films shed some light on the confusion when Mdoda replaced Msutwana.

It is with great sadness and excitement that we make this announcement.

Zandile Msutwana, who plays Vuyiswa Maake, sustained an injury while on set.

Unfortunately, Msutwana cannot carry out her duties and has been booked off to recover.

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