Nadia Nakai

Nota Baloyi says Nadia and AKA had a thing going on. Image via Instagram: @NadiaNakai

Did Nadia Nakai and AKA have a secret romance? Nota Baloyi say yes!

Former music executive Nota Baloyi recently dropped a couple of bombs on Twitter including a claim that Nadia Nakai and AKA were an item!

Nadia Nakai

Nota Baloyi says Nadia and AKA had a thing going on. Image via Instagram: @NadiaNakai

Entertainment manager Nota Baloyi recently went on another of his famous Twitter rants. This time he spilled some tea on a number of industry secrets, including a secret relationship between Mzansi hip-hop heads AKA and Nadia Nakai. This after Nakai said she would never work with AKA out of fear of a negative reaction from peeps.

Were Nadia Nakai and AKA an item?

Nota Baloyi has been known to speak his mind on social media despite the fact that he often becomes the target for criticism from tweeps who don’t always care for his controversial opinions.

While speaking about his beef with rapper Stogie T, Nota revealed that he had pending lawsuits with a few of industry folk including Shimza and Tumi Molekane.

According to Zalebs, he then went on to say that rappers Nadia Nakai and AKA were in a relationship – something he didn’t drop a lot of notes on, unfortunately.

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Nadia says she won’t work with AKA and then backtracks

The news is very surprising for many especially since Nakai had once told AKA’s close friend Da Les that she would never work with AKA because people would have a negative reaction. She did however add that she was a big fan of his work:

“Honestly, I am a fan of AKA. Every time I’ve met him he has never disrespected me or been weird with me or anything. But I think the only reason that I wouldn’t is that I don’t think it would get positive attention, I don’t think it would be something that would be celebrated.”

A while after that Nakai appeared on AKA’s The Braai Show where she told AKA that she would definitely be open to working with him in the future.

Meanwhile, Nadia’s old bae gets a new flame

We previously reported how Nadia Nakai’s ex Vic Mensa was seen all loved up with a new girl. The pair’s long-distance relationship has seemingly come to an abrupt end despite the fact that they were seen all lovey-dovey while on numerous dreamy vacations.

The two have yet to delete snaps of each other from their Instagram pages.

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