Kids from Nomzamo Mbatha’s ‘ho

‘Coming 2 America’ star, Nomzamo Mbatha. Image via Instagram @nomzamo_m.

Kids from Nomzamo Mbatha’s ‘hood’ show her love [watch]

‘Coming 2 America’ actress Nomzamo Mbatha shared a clip of kids from her hometown in KwaZulu-Natal reacting to seeing her. Watch the video here.

Kids from Nomzamo Mbatha’s ‘ho

‘Coming 2 America’ star, Nomzamo Mbatha. Image via Instagram @nomzamo_m.

South African actress Nomzamo Mbatha shared a video of children showing her some love as she drove through the streets of her hometown KwaMashu, in KwaZulu-Natal, via her Instagram account on 3 August. 


The Coming 2 America actress shared a video of herself driving around her home town in KwaZulu-Natal to her 3.9 million Instagram followers last week. In the video, Nomzamo Mbatha is greeting children playing on the street and she was touched by their response to her. 

Nomzamo Mbatha started the conversation by asking the children where they got the trolley they were playing with.

“Let me record you. You’ll get arrested. Where did you get this trolley?” she asks jokingly when translated to English. 

A child recognises her from Coming 2 America and she is touched.

“Wow! That’s Nomzamo Mbatha! I watched Coming 2 America,” said a child.

“Oh, that’s so sweet,” she responded.

She slowly drives away from the children, when one child follows her asking how much her cast cost. She responded saying R1.5 million and the child said he will also buy it.

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“When driving through my hood. ????,” read the caption. 


Nomzamo Mbatha is popular for her role as Thandeka on IsiBaya but she shot to international fame for her role as Mirembe in Coming 2 America, the sequel to 1988’s Coming to America. She starred alongside veteran actor Eddie Murphy who praised her acting and said he had a great time working with her.

“She’s a wonderful actress. Beautiful. We had a great time working together. She made me realise how s**** my African accent is. I thought it was good but she came with a real one and I realised mine is horrible,” said Eddie Murphy to Sunday Times.

Nomzamo Mbatha is now set to star alongside Bruce Willis in the film Soul Assassin which is directed by Jesse Atlas. The film is set to hit the big screens next year. 

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