Costa Titch TikTok dance

Costa Titch died a month after friend and fellow rapper AKA. Image via Instagram @costatitch

“Close this account” Fans want Costa Tich’s Instagram closed after a video post [watch]

Fans demanded Costa Tich’s Instagram account be closed following a video that triggered fans’ pain about his bounce back.

Costa Titch TikTok dance

Costa Titch died a month after friend and fellow rapper AKA. Image via Instagram @costatitch

Fans on Instagram have since demanded Costa Tich’s account be closed after a video shared inflicted pain on them.

It’s been a few tough weeks for the Amapiano fans since Costa lost his life, and the wounds are still fresh. Indeed, seeing more videos and pictures of the Big Flexa hitmaker makes the pain more painful.

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Indeed, this is still painful to the family and fans; some even want Costa Tich’s Instagram account to be closed. On the same Instagram account fans want to be completed, Costa Tich’s mother shared emotional promises to her son. She vowed never to rest until she found the real cause of her son’s death.

If Costa’s account is closed, this may reduce the pain inflicted on fans and the family. This, however, will not be the case with Costa Tich’s family; they may want to watch these videos and pictures until the pain is all gone. At least not sharing so touching videos and photographs will make it easier for fans to move on.

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Of course, there is no way we will delete Costa Tich’s legacy; he was a man who wrote history and will stay forever.

Costa Tich Instagram closed
Costa Tich and his mother. Image via Instagram @costatitch


The fiasco came when the account users posted Costa playing a bounce game. From the game he played, the user wished Costa would bounce back as he did in the video.

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Indeed, this video triggered many emotions in fans, who showed their pain in the comments. Some even asked if Costa was dead, while others showed how much they missed him.

Another user named themovement54 suggested that Costa Tich’s account must be closed. Many people liked this post, but it all seemed that it was more out of pain rather than hate.

Watch Costa Tich’s video that made fans want his Instagram account to be closed.