Christina Aguilera performs at Summer Series UK (1)

Pop icon Christina Aguilera. Image via Instagram: @Xtina

Christina Aguilera to celebrate love and positivity at Pride!

International Pride Month is knocking, and it’s about to hit a high note. Why? Because pop icon Christina Aguilera is performing at Pride!

Christina Aguilera performs at Summer Series UK (1)

Pop icon Christina Aguilera. Image via Instagram: @Xtina

Christina Aguilera is a favourite diva among the queer community. And it is not by mistake that she receives this adoration from the LGBTIQ+ community. Xtina has proven herself as an avid ally of the community for years.

Christina Aguilera sings to honour Stonewall Day

Last week the powerhouse vocalist took to the social media streets to announce that she will be performing at New York Pride! This is not the first time Christina Aguilera will be performing at Pride. Last year the diva took to the stage at Los Angeles Pride, and she set it on fire! Her appearance brought a roaring crowd of more than 23 000 people at LA Pride. I am pretty sure that New Yorkers are about to shatter that record.

Xtina will start her Pride performance with a free show for Stonewall Day at Hudson Yards New York, on the 23rd of June. Stonewall Day is a day that commemorates the iconic and revolutionary Stonewall riots of 1969.

“I’m honoured to be performing a free show for Stonewall Day (@prideliveofficial) at @hudsonyards on June 23rd, honouring the groundbreaking at their new visitor center.” – @Xtina on Instagram

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She will also belt her hits at NYC Pride

The second leg of her performance will be at New York City Pride at Brooklyn Army Terminal, on the 25th of June. While the Stonewall show is free, pride attendees have to purchase tickets to see Xtina belt out her biggest hits on the New York City Pride stage. If you are in Mzansi and your pockets are deep enough, the link to those converted tickets is on the diva’s bio on Instagram.

“I’ll also be performing at the iconic @nycpride at @brooklynarmyterminal on June 25th! Tickets on sale now, link on bio.” – @Xtina on Instagram

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Songs Xtina is likely to perform

Now, we’ve already established that the show is most probably going to be mind-blowing. So which songs are we most likely to hear from Christina Aguilera? I’m going to bet my pink undies that the classic mega-hit “Beautiful” from her 2002 album Stripped is on that setlist. Other LGBTIQ+ favourites include: Let There Be Love, Change, Fighter, and Reflection.

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She’s a real ally

“I grew up in this community, as most of my lifelong best friends identify as LGBTQ. So much of who I am, and what I do is because of each of you and the shared experience of having to fight for equality and freedom in some capacity.” – Christina Aguilera at the 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards when she received the Advocate for Change Award.

Some people say they are allies and have nothing to show for it. Allyship is not just about uttering the words “I am an LGBTIQ+ ally.” The actions that follow those words speak much louder than the words themselves. We see you Xtina.

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