Mihlali Ndamase is ready to become a mother and she is not letting anything stop her. Image via Twitter: @Mihlalii_N

Certified ‘cheese girl’: Mihlali Ndamase says her gran has KFC shares

SA influencer Mihlali Ndamase revealed that her granny owns multiple business and KFC shares so she has always known ‘soft life’.


Mihlali Ndamase is ready to become a mother and she is not letting anything stop her. Image via Twitter: @Mihlalii_N

A few years ago, beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase popped up on YouTube and quickly went on to become a celebrity here in Mzansi. Her fabulous lifestyle has gained her millions of followers in a short period of time and now she revealed that has always lived the life of a pampered princess.

Mihlali Ndamase impresses peeps after dropping deets on her family life

Just a few months ago, Mihlali was named one of Forbes Africa’s ’30 under 30′ millionaires. A quick scroll through her social media pages reveals that she has no shortages of sponsorships and partnerships so it’s really no wonder that she is so successful.

While many have come to believe that the beauty maven is one of many celebrities who have come up from nothing, she recently revealed that that is certainly not the case for her.

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Speaking on Cassper Nyovest’s The Braai Show with Cassper, Mihlali shared that she comes from a line of business-minded females. According to Mihlali, her grandmother owns more than one business and even has some shares in a very successful fast-food franchise.

“She has various stores in KwaBhaca that she rents out. She has a store that sells building supplies. She also has shares at the KFC that side,” she said.

Mihlali launches Malakyt

On Friday 15 October, Mihlali has also launched her very own business called Malakyt that helps people connect with make-up artists all around South Africa hassle-free.

Many South Africans were left deeply impressed by how hard the 24-year-old is working on following the footsteps of her influential family members. Many of them marveled over how much money she has made at such a young age:

@unclevibes_ said:

“Mihlali will go down as one of the greatest women this country has had the pleasure of witnessing.”

@SimthoBiyela said:

“Mihlali Ndamase is 24 and she has made a million rand for herself and still going, I haven’t made even R200k and yet I’m 34 jah!! Neh”

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