Don Design

AKA fans have accused Don Design of pouring ‘muti’ on his grave.
Images via Instagram: @l_tido/Twitter

‘Muti’: Tweeps accuse Don Design of performing ‘ritual’ on grave

Crazy conspiracy? AKA’s fans are convinced Don Design allegedly threw muti on his coffin to prevent the rapper’s ‘ghost haunting him’…

Don Design

AKA fans have accused Don Design of pouring ‘muti’ on his grave.
Images via Instagram: @l_tido/Twitter

When it comes to Don Design, members of the Megacy – AKA’s legion of fans – he can never do anything right.  From repeatedly yawning on CCTV footage, to smiling at his best friend’s memorial, to attending the funeral service itself.

But fans of the South African rapper are not backing down from claims that Don’s behaviour is “suspicious.” This, after a picture of the DJ pouring a bottle of Hennessy whisky on AKA’s coffin, went viral over the weekend.

Don Design was part of a group of friends AKA was last seen with before he was shot and killed by an unknown gunman in Durban earlier this month.

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On Saturday, 18 February, Don Design joined a handful of friends and family who laid AKA to rest at Westpark Cemetary in Johannesburg.

In pics that have gone viral on Twitter, the DJ – wearing a black suit – is seen pouring a bottle of Hennessy on top of the coffin of AKA.

Since the death of AKA, the muso has been keeping a low profile. He’s even turned the comments off on his Instagram posts.

But hours before AKA’s funeral, Don decided to speak out. Sharing a pic of him and Super Mega, Don simply wrote: “Rest easy, my friend. Till we meet again”.

Don Design
Don Design broke his Instagram silence on the death of AKA, hours after attending his funeral. Images via Instagram: @don_design/Twitter


While AKA’s friends and family – including mom Lynn Forbes – have insisted Don Design is innocent of any crimes, social media users continue to criticise his every move.

And that includes his act of pouring a bottle of whisky on the grave of his late best friend. 

According to the Megacy, many fans even accused Don of using muti.

Here’s what tweeps had to say:

@prof_academia: “Don Design pouring muthi on AKA’s casket so that his ghost doesn’t come back to haunt him. And, ghosts in African mythologies only haunt the guilty.”

@LEBO_moko1: “Why did the family allow Don design to pour Hennessy on top of Super Mega’s grave? Is that really Hennessy or some muti so that Aka doesn’t haunt him?”

@nguboaihlangani: “The Hennessy that Don has in his hand has two colours. It is muti; the weight of the muti can be seen as a dark colour while the lighter brown is clearly diluted water.”

@nmzima19: “At the bottom, it’s stronger. The top is weaker. Maybe, he’s pouring muthi for AKA not to follow him.”

@Teddy_Grootboom: “That is muthi, probably given by his handlers to silent AKA’s soul forever.”