christall kay

Christall Kay wants her home back. Image via Instagram: @ChristallKay

‘Can’t believe I trusted her’: RHOJ’s Christall Kay in battle for R8m mansion

‘Real Housewives of Johannesburg’ star Christall Kay is fighting to get her Kyalami mansion back from Kholeka Bubu who failed to meet the sale agreement.

christall kay

Christall Kay wants her home back. Image via Instagram: @ChristallKay

South African reality TV star Christall Kay is allegedly fighting to get her lavish mansion back from a local businesswoman who initially wanted to purchase the property.

According to reports, Kay and Kholeka Bubu agreed on the sale but the deal went sour went Kholeka allegedly failed to complete the payments for the pricey home.

Christall Kay in big fight for her big house

Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ) star Christall Kay is allegedly having some trouble getting an illegal occupant out of her famous R8 million mansion.

According to reports, South African businesswoman Kholeka Bubu initially agreed to pay R4 million into a trust but only R1 million was transferred to Christall that went towards the cost of moving all her things. She also explains that some of the money went to her daily expenses and renting a Dainfern property.

‘‘This was used up during the move and rental payments as I was living elsewhere. It was agreed that the balance of the purchase price would be paid 8 months later,” she says.

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Kholeka then asked for an extension and Christall agreed on the condition that Kholeka would give her R750 000 that would come out of the purchase price. Christall also says that it was made clear that these funds were non-refundable should Kholeka not be able to complete the purchase.

After Kholeka failed to make any payments by the agreed-upon date, Christall sent her a notice of cancellation in terms of the sale agreement. Kholeka quickly tried to rectify the situation with an unapproved bond.

“She argues that whether she secures the purchase price by way of a cash payment or bond will make no difference to me, that is both untrue and irrelevant,” says Christall in the Sunday World article.

Battle for the mansion commenses

Christall now says that Kholeka refuses to vacate the premises and has since taken the matter to court in an attempt to get Christall to sell the house – something Christall cannot believe.

“To make things worse, she was in arrears of three months arrear occupational interest until just the other day. I really regret trusting her and letting her move in so soon before final payment. I can’t believe that she is doing this.’’

She also reveals that she is contesting the matter in court and can’t wait to get her home back.

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