‘Some coke would help’: Bruce

Bruce may have been a ‘secret drug user’. Image via Instagram @brucelee.

‘Some coke would help’: Bruce Lee’s letters to actor expose drug use

Legendary martial artist Bruce Lee was a ‘secret drug user’, according to letters he sent to actor Robert Baker. Here’s what we know.

‘Some coke would help’: Bruce

Bruce may have been a ‘secret drug user’. Image via Instagram @brucelee.

Bombshell letters found at a flea market, suggest that Bruce Lee were a “secret drug user”, ordering “coke” in a large amount, “acid” in a fair amount and “hash or grass”.

The Fist of Fury star reportedly wrote more than 40 letters to fellow actor Robert Baker about his spiraling drug use before his untimely death in July 1973 at the age of 32.


The handwritten letters appear to reveal that Baker supplied Lee with the drugs, including cannabis, cocaine and LSD, over a five-year span from 1969. Baker died at the age of 52 in 1993.

The letters were found at a flea market and are being auctioned for around £160 000, equating to R3 187 200 at Heritage Auctions in Dallas who have authenticated the letters. 

“Bruce Lee is the most influential martial artist of all time and a pop culture icon of the 20th century, and these letters show he kept an explosive secret,” said a spokesman for Heritage Auctions according to The Mirror


The martial artist’s use of marijuana was recently documented in Matthew Polly’s 2018 biography on Lee titled Bruce Lee: A Life. The biography reveals that Lee enjoyed smoking weed. However, the newly discovered letters suggest that Lee indulged in more than just weed.

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The letters between Lee and Baker discussed friendship, their plans for their film careers and Lee’s back injuries. Several references to drugs were made in the letters from different instances of Lee trying Baker’s “holy stuff” to his attempt at quitting. 

“I told Linda to call you to forget about the ‘stuff’ because I really don’t need them in my training. I feel that I have ‘gained’ in trying them, but the excessive indulgence of them just isn’t in my road in Jeet Kune Do,” wrote Lee according to The Mirror. 

The letters also suggest that Baker went to great lengths to ship drugs from the United States of America (US) to Lee while he was filming in Hong Kong in 1972, a year before his death. The martial artist revealed that he was “stoned as hell” but some cocaine could help. 

“Stoned as hell, but am working on the up-coming character…Some coke would help,” wrote Lee according to The Times.

The Enter The Dragon star reportedly ordered “coke” in a large amount, “acid” in a fair amount and “hash or grass”. In another letter, it appears Lee’s wife, Linda Lee Cadwell wrote to Baker requesting drugs for her husband. 

“Don’t worry about Bruce using the C — he is not going overboard,” wrote Linda according to The Mirror.

However, just a month later, Lee suffered a seizure and collapsed from swelling on the brain. Although he recovered, a few weeks later he was found dead.

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