Britney Spears and her estranged husband Sam Asghari. Images via Instagram @samasghari.

‘Bad aftertaste’: Britney’s fiancé weighs in on ‘Britney vs Spears’ doccie

Britney Spears’s fiancé Sam Asghari questioned producers who create documentaries ‘without input or approval from the subject’ and reckons credit should go to the #FreeBritney movement.


Britney Spears and her estranged husband Sam Asghari. Images via Instagram @samasghari.

Actor Sam Asghari, fiancé of American singer Britney Spears, has weighed in on Erin Lee Carr’s Netflix documentary Britney vs Spears via an Instagram Story.


The Britney vs Spears documentary looks into Britney Spears’s bitter conservatorship battle against her father, Jamie Spears, who has had control over her personal and professional life for the last 13 years. The conservatorship was a result of a mental health crisis the Toxic hitmaker experienced. 

The documentary is directed by American filmmaker Erin Lee Carr who gathered expert opinions and inside sources to tell the story of the singer’s conservatorship battle.

“The world knows Britney Spears: Performer, artist, icon. But in the last few years, her name has been publicly tied to another, more mysterious term: conservatorship. Britney vs Spears tells the explosive story of Britney’s life and her public and private search for freedom,” reads the documentary’s synopsis.

The trailer for the documentary was released on 22 September and the documentary will be available for streaming on Netflix on 28 September.


Britney Spears fiancé, Sam Asghari, weighed in on the documentary, saying that previous documentaries on his fiancée’s life left a “bad aftertaste”. 

He started by saying that his opinion has increased in value over the last few days. This most likely means that the actor feels that his opinion only began to carry weight after he officially asked for the singer’s hand in marriage

The pair announced their engagement on social media on 12 September. The announcement came a week after the actor was spotted ring shopping. 

“Apparently my opinion has increased in value over [the] last few days…Past docs left bad aftertaste. I’m hopeful this one will be respectful. I don’t blame CNN, BBC or Netflix (which got me thru lockdowns) for airing them because as an actor,” wrote Sam Asghari on an Instagram Story that has since expired.

He went on to say that he understood as he also “tells other people’s stories” when he is acting.

However, he questioned producers who have filmed entire documentaries without the input or approval of the subject. He added that any credit received from the documentary should go to the #FreeBritney movement.

“I tell other people’s stories too. I question producers who made them ‘just to shed light’ without input or approval from (the) subject. Any credit for light being she should go to #FreeBritney,” he continued. 


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