Britney Spears

Britney Spears .Image via Twitter @PopBase

‘Bombshell book’: Britney Spears’ memoir delayed due to paper shortage

Britney Spears’ multi-million dollar book deal is reportedly one of the biggest deals of all time behind the Obamas.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears .Image via Twitter @PopBase

In February, it was reported that American pop star Britney Spears had sealed a “bombshell book deal” worth $15 million (R229 million). Almost five months later, TMZ reports that the Womanizer hitmaker’s book is complete but it is delayed due to a paper shortage. 

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Earlier this year, Page Six reported that Britney Spears signed a multi-million dollar book deal with American publishing house Simon & Shuster. The publishing house has previously worked with bestselling authors Christopher Buckley, Stephen King and Susan Orlean. 

A source told the publication that the R229 million deal is one of the biggest deals of all time behind former United States president Barack Obama and former first lady, Michelle Obama. 

This comes after Briney’s sister, Jamie Lynn published her own book titled, Things I Should Have Said, where she details her childhood experiences and being a mother at a young age. 


According to TMZ, Britney Spears’ memoir has been delayed due to a paper shortage and there is no clear sign of when it will be resolved. 

The publication adds that there could possibly be a few reasons that caused the shortage… More people ordering books during the COVID-19 pandemic and a decrease in paper supply. 

The 40-year-old musician’s book will reportedly go into detail about her career, her family and her “toxic” life. 


Britney Spears reportedly hit the studio with English singer-songwriter Elton John to record a duet of his 1971 classic, Tiny Dancer. The track was featured on the 75-year-old’s album. Madam Across the Water

“They’ve already played it for people at their record label and everybody is freaking out. It is so good,” said one source.

“They are saying this is going to be the song of the summer.”