Brenda Ngxoli

Brenda Ngxoli said that her livestock was getting looted by bullies in her village. Image via Instagram @brebdangxoli

‘I have lost hundreds of livestock’: Brenda Ngxoli on animal looting

After relocating to the Eastern Cape, a former actress from The Queen, Brenda Ngxoli, shared her frustrations with being a female farmer.

Brenda Ngxoli

Brenda Ngxoli said that her livestock was getting looted by bullies in her village. Image via Instagram @brebdangxoli

Actress Brenda Ngxoli shared some of the hardships that come with being a female farmer in her Eastern Cape village as she took to Instagram on Wednesday, 15 February telling her followers the several ways some men in her area have been “bullying” and stealing from her.


According to Zalebs, the former The Queen actress Brenda Ngxoli gave up her big city life in Johannesburg and relocated back to the Eastern Cape to pursue farming. She reportedly does not regret her decision to leave the fast-paced environment and enjoys being a village mom to her toddler.

Brenda Ngxoli
Brenda Ngxoli took her frustration about theft in her village. Image via Instagram @brendangxoli


However, on Wednesday, Ngxolo opened up about the hardships she had been experiencing as a female farmer in the village. She shared that people from the area have been “looting”, not only hundreds of her livestock but also her pets.

“Over the past three years, I have lost hundreds of livestock…

“Our Kraals are running empty because livestock theft and village crime is going unnoticed…

“Goodness gracious, they [are] even stealing my dogs and cats!!!!!!!

“What is this looting mentality that has entered the lives of our people?” she continued.

The new mom added that at another time, the thieves had even come to her with sticks, demanding to take what was of her livestock.

“NO gender should bully and steal from another,” Ngxoli added.

After seeing the actress’ post, her fans and followers were concerned for her safety.

Other female farmers who commented shared their own experiences about the looting of livestock and bullying of female farmers. 


“Imbi [this is horrible] Sisi, the amount of lawlessness is shocking,” @nustag wrote.

“I know this so well. It’s greed, cruelty, UMONA. [jealously],” @spiwe_sangqu replied.

“Hey, hey, don’t start with that one!! They steal in groups and roam freely afterwards,” @cikylicks said.

“I am still hurting for My Mom’s livestock kahle kahle [to be honest] they cleaned out her sheep last year,” nu86_mgidlana shared.

“Problem is they wanna see you suffer and frustrated because keeping quiet is also a problem. People are cruel outside here. This world we live in has become cruel, especially to us women. I’m no farmer, but I feel your frustration as a woman trying to do your own thing, askies [I am sorry],” @mn.menold wrote.

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