Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu has been banned from Malawi.
Image via Instagram/ Zodwa Wabantu

‘I’m so upset…’: Zodwa Wabantu speaks out against Malawian ban

Malawian authorities have banned exotic dancer and socialite Zodwa Wabantu over her ‘morally degrading’ stage acts…

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu has been banned from Malawi.
Image via Instagram/ Zodwa Wabantu

Controversial socialite and dancer Zodwa Wabantu has been left disappointed by the Malawian government’s decision to ban her from performing in the country due to her “morally degrading stage acts”.

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Zodwa once again made headlines on Tuesday, 7 June after it emerged that The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife in Malawi had denied her entry into the country after reviewing videos and pictures of her stage acts. Zodwa had been billed to perform at the Winter Amapiano Vibes concert on 10 June at Dominics Hotel in Blantyre.

The socialite left ‘upset’ by ban

Speaking to The South African on Tuesday evening, Zodwa slammed the decision.

“I’m so upset…heartbroken actually. I was looking forward to visiting the country, meeting the people and seeing the culture. I’m an entertainer, I just make people happy…I haven’t killed anyone,” she said.

A letter, which was apparently issued by the ministry and was leaked on Twitter stated Zodwa had been denied entry into the country due to her risqué stage acts.

Malawi authorities label Zodwa’s stage acts ‘morally degrading’

“The Censorship Board reviewed the application in the context of the concerns regarding her controversial stage acts, and most important Zodwa as a stage artist. In processing the application, the Censorship Board had to review the pictures and video clips that are in circulation depicting Zodwa on stage.

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“The ministry has noted that Zodwa has built her career and fame around morally degrading stage acts, which include flaunting her nudity to audiences,” a part of the letter read.


This is not the first time Zodwa has been denied entry into neighbouring countries. In 2017, the controversial socialite was banned from performing at an event amid complaints from a local actress about her display of nudity on stage and that she was being “over-hyped” at the expense of Zimbabwean artists.

In 2018, Zodwa was again turned away when she tried to enter Zambia. In a statement issued at the time, Zambia’s National Arts Council said Zodwa’s performances “undermined national values”.