Senzo Meyiwa scene

‘Men point guns, blow the whistle?’: Mzansi reacts to Zandie’s new song. Image via Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape

Zandie Gumede hints at forgiving sister Kelly Khumalo after feud [photo]

Will Zandie Gumede finally forgive sister Kelly Khumalo after years of estrangement? Fans are hopeful after this Instagram post…

Senzo Meyiwa scene

‘Men point guns, blow the whistle?’: Mzansi reacts to Zandie’s new song. Image via Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape

Zandie Khumalo has hinted that she is ready to bury the hatchet with her estranged sister Kelly Khumalo.

The younger sibling of the Life with Kelly Khumalo star shared a public prayer in which she asked God to protect her sister.

The siblings have been at odds with each other since 200 when Zandie revealed she had “divorced” Kelly. This after Kelly Khumalo named and shamed Zandie’s manager husband Mhlo Gumede over bad business practices.

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Taking to her Instagram account, Zandie posted a picture of her and her sister Kelly Khumalo. In the caption she shared a heartfelt prayer written in isiZulu.

In the prayer, Zandie asked God for the “power of protection”. Hinting at a reconciliation, she also expressed her hope that things would “one day change”.

Zandie turned off the Instagram comments and did not tag nor name her famous sister in the post.

Meanwhile Kelly Khumalo shared a cryptic message on her own Instagram Stories which read: “Even when they do you wrong, respond right”


Kelly Khumalo and Zandie’s feud has been well documented since their public falling out.

In a since-deleted Instagram post in February 2020, Zandie claimed she was “divorcing” her sister, whom she labelled “toxic”.

This after Kelly spoke out on claims Zandie’s husband was allegedly embezzling money from artists.

Zandie wrote: “If I was divorcing my husband maybe it would have been a little bit easier and lighter but I am separating from a person I have known for all my life and have shared laughs, pain, excitement and disappointment with all my life, my sister,” Zandie wrote.

Kelly addressed the incident in her reality show, in which viewers were given insight into how the feud also affected the sisters mother Ntombi

Last year, after Zandie gave birth to a first child, a baby boy, the sisters fueled rumours that they were on good terms again.

This after Kelly’s two children Christian and Thingo were pictured meeting their baby cousin for the first time. However, Zandie squashed all hopes of a happy ending when she revealed that she was still at odds with Kelly Khumalo.

She shared in an Instagram post: “As an adult and a parent I made a decision that my nephew and niece would never be affected by what’s going on between me and their mother. At least not from my side.

“I would like however to categorically state that the situation between me and their mother remains the same and my feelings remain the same. It’s not the children’s responsibility to fix what happened between us but ours and ours alone”.

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