Viola Davis in 'The Woman is King' and Queen Elizabeth

Viola Davis in ‘The Woman is King’ and Queen Elizabeth. Images via Twitter @RoyalFamily and @ViolaDavis

Why Viola Davis deleted condolence tweet about Queen Elizabeth

‘The Woman King’ star Viola Davis deleted her condolence tweet about Queen Elizabeth II after fans accused her of supporting colonisers.

Viola Davis in 'The Woman is King' and Queen Elizabeth

Viola Davis in ‘The Woman is King’ and Queen Elizabeth. Images via Twitter @RoyalFamily and @ViolaDavis

American actress Viola Davis, who leads in The Woman King film received backlash from Black Twitter this week when she mourned Queen Elizabeth in a since-deleted tweet.   

The Queen died on Thursday at the age of 96 at Balmoral in Scotland.

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When The Woman King actress Viola Davis finally deleted the tweet, where she mourned the late Queen Elizabeth II, a fan tweeted the following: “She’s black again.”  

According to Olisa TV, Davis commiserated with the family and called the late monarch “Her Majesty,” which is antithetical to her much-anticipated movie, The Woman King, in which she leads an army of Dahomean warriors to fight against colonisers.  

Fans of the actress revealed that any African mourning Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating slavery and colonialism.  

South Africans also expressed mixed feelings about the passing of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. While some were saddened by her loss, others were not moved or indifferent about her death.

Julius Malame’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) also criticised the monarch’s role in Africa and in South Africa, in particular. EFF on Thursday issued a statement saying the party was not among those mourning the British royal.

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“So Viola Davis is cancelled because of a tweet about Queen Elizabeth, but y’all couldn’t find that energy about the woman king movie turning one of the biggest slave trading empires of Africa( plus human sacrificing) into a glorified Essence Black girl magic celebration?”  


“I’m not watching Viola Davis new movie She praising Queen Elizabeth but making ALLLLL THE AFRICAN movies same African she stole from Shìt sad how scary black people are.”  


“Viola Davis was literally born on a former slave plantation and is tweeting RIP Queen Elizabeth… embarrassing.”  


“Y’all really made Viola Davis delete her posts about Queen Elizabeth? Black Twitter is savage.”  


“Viola Davis deleting her tweet about Queen Elizabeth because y’all put her in a pack is wild.”  


“Gonna assume that Viola Davis Queen Elizabeth tweet is just a glitch in the simulation.”