Elon Musk admits to contemlating suicide. Photo: PATRICK PLEUL/POOL/AFP.

SA-born billionaire: Elon Musk on why he left Mzansi at 17

Many South Africans have been singing Elon Musk’s praises after he revealed why he left the country all those years ago.


Elon Musk admits to contemlating suicide. Photo: PATRICK PLEUL/POOL/AFP.

South African-born Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk previously revealed why he left South Africa at the age of 17 — here’s a look back at the reason why he doesn’t live in Mzansi.

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The genius behind Space X and Tesla, Elon Musk has made a huge success of himself while living in the US but many often question why he is so quiet about his South African roots.

This must be why a video clip of him explaining the real reason why he left the country when he was only 17, previously managed to go viral on TikTok.

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In the clip that was shared by @incomeparent, Musk can be heard discussing how he left SA to avoid being forced into joining the army. According to Musk, he just was not interested in oppressing black people.

“Spending two years suppressing black people didn’t seem to be a great use [of the] force,” said Musk in the interview.


While many criticised Musk – who has a net worth of $179 billion (R3 trillion) – for not putting enough time into his South African background. A lot of them commended him for not taking part in apartheid and the oppression of black people.

@mozkow8 wrote:

“As a black South African, I say thank you for refusing to participate in oppressing us. May you keep succeeding.”

Mbandeni Ntshangase Hlabanisa said:

“How if he can just stop mentioning SA; because he does nothing for SA …while he’s the richest man in the world ….he must just leave our nation alone we do not need him.”

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