Mpumelelo Mseleku is the son of reality TV star and famous polygamist Musa Mseleku.
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Who is Mpumelelo Mseleku? 5 Facts about Musa’s firstborn son

From Moroka Swallows soccer star to passionate polygamist, here’s everything you need to know about Musa Mseleku’s son Mpumelelo…


Mpumelelo Mseleku is the son of reality TV star and famous polygamist Musa Mseleku.
Images via Instagram

The apple doesnt fall far from the tree with Musa Mseleku and his son Mpumelelo, who is following in his famous footsteps.

The Moja Love reality TV star – known for his polygamous lifestyle, including four wives and multiple girlfriends  – is encouraging his son to follow suit.

But Mpumelelo has waded into deep waters after his father expressed his disapproval at his latest conquest; singer and slay queen, Queen Lolly.

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Here are five things to know about the uThando Nesthembu star’s eldest son…

Mpumelelo is Musa Mseleku’s firstborn son

He is 20 years old, and his mother is Musa’s second wife; MaYeni.

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He is engaged to two of his girlfriends

They are Vuyokazi Nciweni and Nompumelelo Makhanya. The trio reportedly communicate with each other via a WhatsApp group chat.

Musa is helping his son to pay lobola for his brides

He told Kaya FM: “Our agreement is that he will pay a certain portion towards lobola and I’ll pay the other portion. For now I don’t have enough money except my inheritance which I’ll use towards lobola”.

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He is a father

Mpumelelo has a baby girl with Vuyokazi.

He is a pro footballer

In April 2022, Mpumelelo made his PSL debut as a substitute for Moroka Swallows in the DStv Diski Challenge.


Meanwhile, Musa Mseleku has fired another shot at the singer and “slay queen” Queen Lolly after she claimed to have bedded his son Mpumelelo.

The famous polygamist clapped back at Lolly’s allegations after serving her with a cease and desist letter. This after she leaked audio of their intimate encounter on a YouTube show called Omakhwapheni.

Musa also dedicated not one but three Instagram posts to Mpumelelo, in which he praised his firstborn.

In the first one, Musa recited his son’s clan names and praised him as a brave young man. He also alluded to Queen Lolly as being a distraction. To add insult to injury, he even referred to the singer as a “train everyone likes to ride on.”

In the second and third, Musa Mseleku praised their father-and-son relationship.

“I hope we are learning valuable lessons, and we will turn them around as we make a meaningful contribution to our society,” he captioned one post.

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