Lulu Menziwa

Who is Lulu Menziwa, SA’s richest and sexiest teacher?
Images via Twitter

Lulu Menziwa: Net worth, boyfriend, qualifications and more

Thirst-trap teacher? Here’s everything you need to know about the Lulu Menziwa, whose provocative posts have gone viral…

Lulu Menziwa

Who is Lulu Menziwa, SA’s richest and sexiest teacher?
Images via Twitter

South Africa’s sexiest – and reportedly richest –  teacher Lulu Menziwa continues to make headlines with her provocative posts from inside the classroom.

In recent months, the KwaZulu-Natal educator has shown off her luxury lifestyle and sexy dress code, which have courted controversy.

She’s also posted a series of explicit pictures on her Instagram and Twitter accounts over the past few months. They include a full-frontal photo of her in the nude and another of her baring her bum.

The internet sensation has also started a Telegram group where she shares her pics with the public.

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Here are a few facts about the trending teacher…

Net worth and businesses

Lulu first made headlines last year when The South African reported on her net worth, which allegedly amounts to R7 million.

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Menziwa has several “side hustles,” which include her fashion line MadameB Clothing and a skincare line MB Glow, as well as several lucrative endorsements.

School life

Lulu is a KwaZulu Natal mathematics educator. In an Instagram Live, the teacher revealed that her students take her sexy snaps, which she posts on social media.


Lulu holds two degrees in education and mathematics and prides herself on being a model teacher.

Fashion fanatic

The trending teacher is also known for her famous curves and figure-hugging clothes she wears in the classroom.

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Describing herself as a “fashion model,” Lulu regularly posts pics of her outfits on her social media platforms.

Relationship history

In a recent Instagram Live, Lulu spoke about dating Zimbabwean socialite Ginimbi Kadungure, who died in a car crash in 2020.

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She said: “Ginimbi made me feel like I was the only girl in his life. He was that kind of guy”.

Lulu also hinted at being romantically involved with the mayor of Newcastle.


Meanwhile, Lulu Menziwa showed off another thirst-trap pic of herself this week, wearing a pair of tight, revealing pleather pants.

The look instantly went viral and quickly became the talk of the Twitter streets. But while some praised the teacher for her body confidence, others condemned her for her “inappropriate” dress code.

Clapping back at her critics, Lulu shared her thoughts in an Instagram Live.

She said: “I’m not teaching your kid. So please, stop it. You are forgetting one thing, Im not teaching kids your age. My kids don’t have the perverted minds that you have.

Boasting about her internet fame, she added: “I know I’m famous, everyone knows me, I’m all over social media, and all the radio stations are talking about me.”

Lulu’s work wardrobe may have parents up in arms,; however it has been reported that the Department of Basic Education does not implement a “dress code” for educators.