Sim Dope AKA Robert Gumede

Businessman Sim Dope
Photo source: Twitter screen grab @stiffkunene

Must be nice: Have a look at Sim Dope’s R10 million watch – [clip]

‘It’s a time piece’ – AKA’s childhood friend Sim Dope has quite expensive taste – check out his watch worth a whopping R10 million

Sim Dope AKA Robert Gumede

Businessman Sim Dope
Photo source: Twitter screen grab @stiffkunene

Since revealing himself at AKA’s memorial service, South Africans have been more curious than ever about the son of multimillionaire Robert Gumede. For most people, Sim Dope, whose real name is Simphiwe Gumede, was merely a song by the rapper, but people later learned he was a real person acquainted with AKA.

Now, the country’s so-called Twitter detectives are digging up any hint of the businessman, including videos and photos.



One Twitter user has shared a video of Sim Dope sporting a watch (or timepiece, in this instance) worth at least R5 million. While it is certainly a lot of money to us common folk, if your’re in one of South Africa’s wealthiest families, it is small change.

The timepiece is apparently by Richard Mille, which is a luxury Swiss watchmaking brand. The retail price for the watch ranges between $600 000 and $1,200 000 – that’s between R10-R20 million a piece. While it isn’t certain if that is indeed a Richard Mille original that Gumede is wearing in the clip, those who claim to know reckon it is. It also appears to be the same watch he wore at AKA’s memorial.

When speaking at AKA’s memorial, Sim Dope revealed the rapper, whose real name is Kiernan Forbes, had given him the nickname. Sim Dope explained that when he joined the rugby team at their school, AKA told him that he needed a nickname.

“Now that you are a ‘boet’ you can’t be going on a Saturday and be known as Simphiwe, I mean that’s not dangerous,” he said.

He also said AKA told him that his life is about to change because he wrote a song about him and their life together.

“I wrote a song dawg… about you, and me, life and everything,” he quoted AKA as saying. 

He went on to say that the rapper told him that he meant a lot to him. Take a look…