‘Uzalo’ actress Noxolo Mathula. Image via Instagram @noxolo_mathula

‘Times are tough’: ‘Uzalo’ star on why she sells hot dogs at taxi rank

Popular actress Noxolo Mathula, who plays Lilly in ‘Uzalo’ says she’s not ashamed to be pushing her hot dog business at taxi ranks.


‘Uzalo’ actress Noxolo Mathula. Image via Instagram @noxolo_mathula

Uzalo actress Noxolo Mathula, who stars as Lilly in the SABC1 soapie reveals she gets judged for selling hot dogs at taxi ranks. 

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The Durban-based actress Noxolo Mathula reveals to Daily Sun that she gets asked by Uzalo viewers if she doesn’t get paid enough as Lilly on the show.

“I’m often asked why I am on the streets selling hot dogs while I am a TV star. People don’t understand that times are tough. I’m not selling hot dogs on the streets for fun, but It’s one of my side hustles. Running this business on the streets doesn’t mean that I’m not paid well at my TV job. But I understand my target market, which is people on the streets. We must stop looking down on each other, and rather offer support. A single salary can never be enough, no matter how much it is.”

Mathula adds that she even sells hot dogs with her team at taxi ranks.

“I think it’s better to have this kind of side hustle when you are still relevant in the industry. People are still watching me on their TV screens.”

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Daily Sun reports that the actress Noxolo Mathula scored a tender to cater for Uzalo’s sister-soapie Durban Gen, which is also produced by Stained Glass TV. 

‘I can’t reveal the name of the production but yes, we are growing and there’s a production I cater for.”

The talented actress also tells the People’s Paper that her side hustle works for her because some of her customers want to buy her hot dogs because they saw her on TV.

“Most of them even ask for selfies as buying from their celebrity is something big for them.”

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