Zodwa says her private parts helped her get a Benz. Image via Instagram: @Zodwalibram

Uncensored: Zodwa revs up Tweeps with explicit name of her new car

Zodwa Wabantu certainly does not hold back! She recently left Mzansi with mixed reactions after revealing how she got her hands on an expensive Merc…


Zodwa says her private parts helped her get a Benz. Image via Instagram: @Zodwalibram

Disclaimer: Warning — video contains explicit language

Zodwa Wabantu never stops entertaining and shocking her thousands of supporters. When she isn’t performing practically naked in front of crowds of people, she’s speaking candidly about how she uses her voluptuous body and lady parts to help her get nice things from those who are looking to get intimate with her.

This time she left netizens absolutely buzzing after revealing how she became the owner of a Merc.

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The he Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored star has never been known to be the shy and quiet type. Despite the fact that she’s pretty much been an open book about every part of her life – even the parts that are usually frowned upon – she never disappoints when it comes to shocking Mzansi with the things that come out of her mouth.

In her most recent video, Zodwa dishes out some advice to Ben10s about how much they should be getting from their older partners. According to her, they should ask for at least R15 000 a month and not waste time asking for expensive alcohol in clubs.

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She then went on to say that she used her assets to secure herself a Mercedez-Benz. She also says that the car isn’t actually hers, it belongs to her private parts.

“Look at me, mina with my p***y I’m in Durban. I’m f**king somebody and he gave me the car. It’s not my car it’s my p***y car,“ she said.


Mzansi can’t believe their ears!

Her post received mixed reactions from locals who either praised her for living her truth or for leading as a bad example for the future generation.

@Fortesque18 said:

“I just wonder how do ppl idolize such a person, without respect for herself and promoting ukudliwa nobufebe. I really fail to understand.”

@Inenekazi1 said:

“My morals found this disgusting…but my bank account is taking notes”

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