Unathi Nyaki posing for a selfie. Image via @unathi.co/Instagram

‘Watch them turn against each other’: Unathi shares therapy journey

Unathi has shared a cryptic post about her ‘vigorous’ therapy following a ‘painful year’ days after the Kaya 959 scandal.


Unathi Nyaki posing for a selfie. Image via @unathi.co/Instagram

Radio and TV personality Unathi Nkayi has indirectly thrown more shade at her ex-colleague Sizwe Dhlomo and former Kaya 959 station manager Sibongile Mtyali.

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The former Idols SA judge, who was fired from Kaya 959 last year after a disagreement with Dhlomo, took to Instagram on Tuesday 29 November to open up about going to therapy and the advice her father shared with her when she got fired.

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Last year, Unathi had been complaining about Sizwe Dhlomo’s late coming when they clashed. She had also allegedly accused Dhlomo of gender-based violence, which led to her getting the boot when Kaya 959 management investigated and found her allegations to be false.

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At the time, Unathi released a statement accusing Kaya 959 of silencing her. But, Dhlomo was allowed to talk about the scandal — which he did.

Kaya 959
Kaya 959 station manager Sibongile Mtyali. Image via Twtter. @Mr__Morale__

In her cryptic post on Tuesday, as she did not mention any names, Unathi revealed that she “lost everything due to a one-sided story”. The musician shared that her therapy sessions were the “most vigorous and painful “.

“I have been through the most vigorous and painful year of therapy of my life because I lost EVERYTHING due to a ONE SIDED story that many were to keen to believe.

“In May my therapist wanted to put me on meds. Anxiety pills and tranquillisers because I had hit rock bottom. We decided against the meds BUT that meant I had to force myself to get into a routine which included exercise. To show up for myself.”

She also shared advice from her father, who told her that she would be vindicated for the conspiracy against her.

“My father said ‘Be regular with your therapy and then sit back and watch them turn against each other. They will because there is no integrity amongst the 3 people who conspired against you in this matter.’

“My therapy session today was cathartic to say the least♥️ CAMAGU,” she wrote.


Unathi’s post comes a few days after it was revealed that Mtyali — who fired her last year – has been fired by Kaya 959.

According to City Press, the former Metro FM station manager was fired by Kaya 959 after Sizwe Dhlomo complained about sports presenter Mpho Maboi allegedly continually arriving late for their pre-show planning meetings.

Mtyali, who defended Maboi for arriving an hour before the show — as per her contract — was fired on Friday 25 November, as she had also been accused of favouritism.

Mpho Maboi has now joined the breakfast show hosted by Sol Phenduka and Dineo Ranaka.

Sizwe Dhlomo, Mpho Maboi
Sizwe Dhlomo is being labelled a bully after his complaint about Mpho Maboi (R) contributed in getting the Kaya 959 station manager fired. Images via @sizwedhlomo, @mphomqboi/Instagram

When the Kaya 959 scandal was trending, Unathi shared a cryptic post of her and her friend Mel Bala laughing. Her fans immediately knew what she was laughing about as they commented about “karma” and she laughed with them in response.

In her therapy post she also shared a WhatsApp conversation with a friend who was celebrating that she had been vindicated.