Twitter users react to Travis Scott allegedly cheating on Kylie Jenner with Yung Sweetro. Images via Instagram @kyliejenner.

‘No one is safe’: Tweeps react to Travis Scott cheating rumours

Twitter users have weighed in on rumours that Travis Scott allegedly cheated on ‘baby mama’ Kylie Jenner with Yung Sweetro.


Twitter users react to Travis Scott allegedly cheating on Kylie Jenner with Yung Sweetro. Images via Instagram @kyliejenner.

American rapper Travis Scott topped the Twitter trends list as Tweeps weigh in n rumours that he allegedly cheated on “baby mama” Kylie Jenner with rapper Yung Sweetro.


Yung Sweetro has left tongues wagging after she responded to Travis Scott claiming he has never been with her. According to The Mirror, it all started when Yung Sweetro shared a behind the scenes look of a set. Some noticed that Travis was visible in the background. 

Yung Sweetro claps back at Travis Scott. Image via Twitter @thefirmpress and Instagram @travisscott.

So, many thought the Sicko Mode hitmaker was cheating on his “baby mama” Kylie Jenner with Yung Sweetro. Travis and Kylie had an on-and-off relationship since they began dating in 2017. The pair have two children together – Stormi, who was born in 2018 and a son who was born in February this year.

Travis took to his Instagram Story on Saturday 20 October to deny cheating on Kylie. He also claimed that he has never been with this person.

“It’s a lot of weird s*** going on. An uninvited person was sneaking photos on what was supposed to be a closed set while I was directing a video,” he wrote.

“I’m saying this for the last time. I don’t know this person, I’ve never been with this person. So please stop with the continuous cyber games and fictional storytelling,” he continued.

Travis Scott denies cheating on Kylie Jenner. Image via Instagram @travisscott.

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However, Yung Sweetro did not take this lying down. She fired back at the rapper claiming she saw him on Valentine’s Day and he’s “definitely been with her” – via a video on her private Instagram account which was shared by The Shade Room.

“Okay so what we are not going to do is run off on a lie on me because I’ve been good. I posted whatever story you guys wanted me to… but saying that you don’t know me and that you’ve never been with me when you’ve definitely been with me,” she said.

“Come on, even this Valentine’s Day I saw you…. Are we pretending that didn’t happen too? Come on. You cheat on the b**** every night, the whole f***ing city sees it,” she continued.

Travis then clapped back by sharing a photo of a table from Valentine’s Day with the caption “if you wasn’t at this table on V Day then you wasn’t with me”.

Travis Scott fires back at Yung Sweetro. Image via Instagram @travisscott.

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Twitter users were shocked that Travis allegedly cheated on Kylie and thought that no one was safe. Take a look…

Others slammed the pair for the way they defined their relationship.

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