Johnny Depp

Tweeps reacted to Johnny Depp’s teeth. Image via Twitter @cocainecross

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: Tweeps on Johnny Depp’s rotten teeth

A Tweet of American actor Johnny Depp has left Twitter users divided after seeing how rotten his teeth were.

Johnny Depp

Tweeps reacted to Johnny Depp’s teeth. Image via Twitter @cocainecross

A photo doing the rounds on Twitter showing American actor Johnny Depp with rotten teeth has attracted online users’ attention; they have since rushed to the comment section busting jokes and guessing how the Hollywood star’s teeth could have gotten so bad.


Best known for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp’s rise to stardom started long before he became household name in Hollywood.

He has starred in several successful movies like Charlie, and the Chocolate Factory, Dark Shadows, The Tourist alongside Angelina Jolie, and more. His net worth alone is currently at a whopping $48 million (an estimated R916 million), Forbes reported.

So when pictures of him showing him with rotten teeth circulated online, Tweeps did not show any sympathy towards him. They just figured that if he wanted to fix his teeth, he had more than enough money in the bank to get them fixed.

However, Twitter users showed concern for the actor. They speculated that the rotting could have been caused by smoking or using narcotics.  Others could not be bothered about anything else and voiced that his teeth were fitting as he was a the pirate of the Caribbean after all.

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Johnny Depp
Tweeps were left divided after seen Johnny Depp’s teeth on Twitter. Image via Getty Images


“I think that’s chewing tobacco stains,” @roshanpillai said.

“Perhaps it’s from smoking. I’m surprised he doesn’t just get them sorted. I’m sure funds isn’t an issue,” @RogerSnipes commented.

“New Pirate of the Caribbean confirmed,” @Dreadsv wrote.

“Gotta play the part of the new Pirates of the Caribbean,” @kaiyabunga replied.

“This is what happens when you fake a British accent for too long,” @financemose joked.

“Now here’s something we should all spend time pondering!” @LyleThomas_YYZ

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