Babes Wodumo claims Mampintsha ‘stole’ her royalties. Image via Instagram @babes_wodumo.

‘Evil’: Tweeps on Babes’s bombshell claims against Mampintsha

Tweeps have labelled Mampintsha ‘evil’ and ‘abusive’ after Babes Wodumo accused him to stealing her royalties and cheating on her.


Babes Wodumo claims Mampintsha ‘stole’ her royalties. Image via Instagram @babes_wodumo.

Twitter users have weighed in on Gqom Queen Bongekile Simelane, popularly known as Babes Wodumo’s bombshell claim that her husband Mampintsha has “stolen” her royalties and is cheating on her.


On the latest episode of Uthando Lodumo which released on Showmax on 28 October, Babes Wodumo claimed that her husband signed her to a company that she doesn’t know. She is also claimed Mampintsha has benefitted off her royalties which never got a “cent” from.

“He has signed me to some company I don’t know, in fact I never signed, basically he committed fraud. I was told he took my documents to some company which is now benefiting off of my royalties. I am even surprised on Facebook because some my songs no longer belong to me,” she said.

“And when we approach some of those companies he signed with that I don’t know, then will then show us proof of payments made to him instead. I have never seen a cent from those money paid to him,” she added.

Babes went on to claim that Mampintsha used the money from her royalties on his “new girlfriends” and claimed that he has been hitting on celebrities that she knows.

Babes Wodumo claims Mampintsha has been unfaithful to her. Images via Instagram @babes_wodumo.

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Twitter users think Mampintsha is evil and abusive. Take a look…

“This guy Mampintsha told himself that Babes Wodumo should always depend on him so that she doesn’t leave him. And he can abuse her financially, physically and emotionally so, because no one will do anything, the guy is evil. I don’t wish any woman to be with this kind of a guy💔,” wrote @Truthte83602973.

“Nothing saddening as watching the demise of this young, beautiful and talented girl right in front of our eyes at the hands of her abuser. This is while the capitalist system profits on it. Its painful, if anything I hope one day she is able to walk away and rebuild her life,” wrote @vsobudula.

“Mampintsha going after every woman Babes brings around knowing she’ll fight them is very much a tactic to isolate her. He is making sure she burns bridges so he’s the only one who can stand her. That fierceness she exudes is really just an attempt to claim back her power,” wrote @Misaveni_.

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