Tristan Thompson and alleged ‘baby mama’s’ Khloe Kardashian and Maralee Nicholas. Images via Instagram @khloekardashian @realtristan13 Twitter @anne_czrna.

Gag order update: Tristan Thompson paternity lawsuit sealed

It seems Tristan Thompson’s gag order restricting Maralee Nicholas from speaking about their paternity lawsuit has been sealed.


Tristan Thompson and alleged ‘baby mama’s’ Khloe Kardashian and Maralee Nicholas. Images via Instagram @khloekardashian @realtristan13 Twitter @anne_czrna.

Page Six reports NBA star Tristan Thompson’s lawsuit filed in Texas with his alleged “baby mama” Maralee Nichols has been sealed.


Personal trainer Maralee Nichols is allegedly Tristan Thompson’s third “baby mama.” Tristan, who shares three-year-old True with Khloe Kardashian, was sued by Maralee for child support ahead of her child’s birth.

Maralee reportedly gave birth to a baby boy on 3 December. While Tristan admitted to having sex with Maralee several times, one of which was around his 30th birthday in March – he asked for paternity test on the child. Tristan and Khloe were working on their relationship at the time which means he cheated on her… yet again. 

The NBA star filed a petition requesting a gag order that would prevent him and the Maralee  from speaking publicly about the case, in Harris County, Texas on 7 December. Page Six reports that the lawsuit has since been sealed. This is because the online filing is no longer searchable and states the records are “currently CONFIDENTIAL or this case has been SEALED.”

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Tristan reportedly claimed – “(Maralee’s) intention all along [was] to try to achieve some sort of notoriety and gain for herself in this lawsuit” by accusing him of being her child’s father. 

The NBA star also alleged that he caused damage and extreme distress. He also wanted Maralee to post a $30,000 (R479 182) bond to “deter” her from violating the order.

In another court Tristan allegedly sent her a text saying he is retiring in 2020 so she would not receive the money she expects to. 

“You know how I feel. My feelings haven’t changed at all. [I] won’t be involved at all. Btw (By The Way)  if you think having this baby is gonna make you some money. It’s completely wrong. You are aware that I’m retiring after this season. So in terms of support it will be whatever is required monthly for someone who’s unemployed,” he allegedly wrote.