Trevor Noah appears on Dua Lipa’s podcast ‘At Your Service’. Images via Instagram @trevornoah @dualipa.

‘Gracious’: Trevor & Dua Lipa gush over each other on podcast

Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa gush over each other on an episode of her podcast ‘At Your Service’ which released on Friday 21 October.


Trevor Noah appears on Dua Lipa’s podcast ‘At Your Service’. Images via Instagram @trevornoah @dualipa.

South African-born comedian Trevor Noah appeared on an episode of his rumoured girlfriend singer Dua Lipa’s podcast At Your Service which was released on Friday 21 October.


Singer Dua Lipa revealed that she read Trevor Noah’s best-selling book Born a Crime and thought it was moving. She went on to say that this is reason she wanted him as a guest on her At Your Service podcast along with his hosting gig on The Daily Show.

The episode released on Friday 21 October but according to Page Six, it was recorded on the same week as their “date night” in New York in September. She praised the comedian for his job as the host of The Daily Show commenting on his analytical sense of humour.

“I see your monologues on TikTok all the time,” she admitted before noting that she and Trevor only ever exchanged brief hellos at award shows before their sit-down.

“It really feels like that. One of the greatest gifts and curses of being successful in the entertainment industry is that you get to meet some of the most interesting people in the world, but then if you’re successful enough, you never get to see each other. … So it’s nice to see you like this, I guess, for a change,” he said.

The singer replied that she was excited to have a “proper conversation to really get to know each other.”

Trevor Noah was a guest on Dua Lipa’s ‘At Your Service’ podcast. Images via Instagram @trevornoah @dualipa.

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Dua told Trevor that his humour is analytical and that’s why she thinks people gravitate to him.

“You are obviously very funny. But your humour is very analytical, and I think that’s also a big reason why people gravitate to you,” she said.

The pair joked about how they will see each other at the next award show “run-in”. Trevor then said that he told his friend if he sees Dua in his life, it is going well.

“I even said to my friend one day, I said, ‘Every time I see Dua Lipa, it’s at an award show. So now that means if I see her, my life is going well. So now I just hope to see her more so that it means my life is still going exceptionally well,” he said.

He went on to say that the One Kiss hitmaker was always wonderful and gracious.

“You’ve always been really wonderful and gracious. You’ve always been a really wonderful light, just like in the spaces that everybody’s in. So thank you for taking the time. I appreciate you,” he continued.

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