Trevor Noah shows Anele Mdoda some love. Images via Instagram @trevornoah @zintathu.

‘Let’s go!’: Trevor Noah shows Anele love for ‘Ludik’ on Netflix

Trevor Noah gave Anele Mdoda her flowers for the series ‘Ludik’ which she was one of the executive producers on. Take a look…


Trevor Noah shows Anele Mdoda some love. Images via Instagram @trevornoah @zintathu.

South African-born comedian Trevor Noah showed media personality Anele Mdoda some love via an Instagram Story on 1 September for the show she served as executive producer – Ludik.


Comedian Trevor Noah took to Instagram to show his beloved friend Anele Mdoda some love for the launch of Netflix’s Ludik. He shared a photo of the Ludik poster on his Instagram Story on 1 September with three flame emojis and tagged Anele in the post. 

The media personality reposted Trevor’s Instagram story with a round of applause gifs. Take a look…

Anele Mdoda reposts Trevor Noah’s Instagram Story. Image via Instagram @zintathu.

Anele is one of the executive producer’s on Netflix’s first Afrikaans title. So, who else is behind the scenes of the show? 

The directors and producers are,

  • Produced by: Rose and Oaks Media
  • Executive Producers: Anele Mdoda, Paul Buys and Frankie Du Toit
  • Directed by: Ian Gabriel & Harold Holscher
  • Created by: Paul Buys & Annemarie Van Basten

The media personality said that Ludik is a “magical piece of work.”

“Don’t worry about an Afrikaans series. It’s actually 50\50 English and Afrikaans, like other shows Netflix released that became a worldwide phenomenon. Let’s talk Money Heist, Squid Games and such. So many shows were not in English and they were successful. Subtitles will be our friendsI look at it like an Ozark you know, it’s a thriller,” she said to Tshisa Live.

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The Afrikaans show stars Arnold Vosloo as Daan Ludik who built his own kingdom. 

“Daan Ludik (Arnold Vosloo), coming from nothing, has built his own kingdom. This successful furniture salesman is the face of his business. He is heard on radio, seen on television and billboards. A family man in the affluent Pretoria East, but with a secret that is connected to the underworld,” reads the synopsis.

Arnold is excited to star in Netflix’s first Afrikaans title. 

““It feels great to be back working for Netflix in Afrikaans, my mother tongue, with a good script, a good cast…It feels really good,” he said exclusively to The South African.

Netflix announces their first Afrikaans title – ‘Ludik’. Image: Supplied.

So, who else stars on Ludik?

  • Rob van Vuuren
  • Zane Meas
  • Jandre LeRoux 
  • Inge Beckmann 
  • Lea Vivier 
  • Sean Cameron Michael
  • Tina Redman 
  • Diaan Lawrenson 
  • Mzu Ntantiso 
  • Tshamano Sebe
  • Dirk Stolz
  • Terence Bridgette

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