Musician TNS has opened up about industry gatekeepers and his beef with Shimza. Image via @tns_music/Instagram

‘Don’t ask about that woman’: TNS on Shimza beef & gatekeeping

Producer and singer TNS did not mince his words about the treatment he has received in the past years from the music industry giants.


Musician TNS has opened up about industry gatekeepers and his beef with Shimza. Image via @tns_music/Instagram

Producer and singer TNS has slammed music industry giants for gatekeeping in a no-holds-barred interview.

During his interview on Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM Podcast on Tuesday 16 August, he lamabasted the treatment that “grootman” music industry giants give younger counterparts.


“They also need help. Have you seen their lives. They are always in the media for bad behaviour and flops. They must stop saying I need help,” the Umona hitmaker said.

TNS emphasised that music industry giants need to give young people a chance to make their own mistakes because they are also making mistakes.


Once again, TNS had unsavoury words to say about DJ Shimza. The musician believes he was denied a Lockdown House Party opportunity at the peak of the lockdown period by Dj Shimza who he believes has an agenda against him.

“Awungiyeke ngaloyo mama [Don’t ask me about that woman]” he said.

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The Sikelela hitmaker also spoke about mental health and explained that he deals with mental health issues by smoking weed.

“I have been smoking since I was 12 years old, and I’ll never stop smoking,” he said.

He also emphasised that he stopped consuming other substances a few years ago. 

In addition, he spoke about how life has its ups and downs and right now he is not at his best but he will never give up.

“At my peak I was charging R 60 000 per month.” 

When it comes to Prince Kaybee, he reiterated that he never got any money for all the music he produced for the Gugulethu hitmaker

“I didn’t live with him in his fancy house, I was going to bed with no food living in a rented old flat in Durban CBD. I had no food, and would sleep on an empty stomach whilst Prince Kaybee was on tour from those songs and making lots of money. But I have since moved on and I am an independent artist,” he said.

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