Tiwa Savage sex tape goes viral

An alleged sex tape starring Tiwa Savage has been leaked
Image via Twitter

Tiwa Savage ‘sex tape’: Is her mystery boyfriend behind the leak?

Was Tiwa Savage’s boyfriend behind the leak of their alleged sex tape? Twitter users seem to think so after the clip went viral this week…

Tiwa Savage sex tape goes viral

An alleged sex tape starring Tiwa Savage has been leaked
Image via Twitter

A sex tape reportedly starring Nigerian pop star Tiwa Savage has gone viral this week.

The star is trending on social media after a clip was allegedly leaked by a fan who attempted to extort her.

But tweeps think her mystery boyfriend has something to do with it…


Last month, Tiwa Savage revealed in an interview with Power 105.1 that a fan had footage of her and her lover, whose identity she has yet to make public.

She claimed the video was “accidentally” posted on Snapchat by her boyfriend, who quickly deleted it…but not before one follower downloaded it and used it as leverage for blackmail.

The star refused and on Tuesday morning, the clip surfaced online. Whilst she has yet to confirm it, the video stars a sex act between a man whose face is obscured, and a woman whose appearance resembles Tiwa.

But tweeps have come up with a number of wild theories – including one that her boyfriend is behind the leak of the sex tape.

“Tiwa’s boyfriend mistakenly posted the video on Snapchat.There are like two stages before you make a post on Snapchat & that’s not a mistake,” said one tweep.


“Tiwa’s boyfriend recorded the tape, he’s definitely behind the release,” said another.

A third added: “Tiwa’s boyfriend was intentional from the time of recording, hence he did not show his face!”


Meanwhile a Nigerian lawyer has warned tweeps not to indulge in sharing or posting the video featuring the singer.

Festus Ogan, who works for organisation Take It Back Movement, issued a stern message to tweeps.

He said: “Seeing Tiwa Savage alleged nude videos fly around is quite depressing. To be clear, sharing and posting nude contents is a ‘criminal offence’ under our extant laws in Nigeria.

“Apart from being criminal, it is a gross violation of fundamental rights. The right to dignity of human person and privacy guaranteed under section 34 and 37 of the constitution have been maliciously violated by whosoever leaked and shared the video.

The human rights advocate also advised Tiwa to sue her blackmailer.

He added: “I urge that she sets the machinery of law in motion against whosoever is involved in the dastardly act. All culprits should be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.”