Tito Mboweni chicken

Tito Mboweni butchered this chicken stew. Images via Twitter: @titomboweni

Plucked off: SA grills ‘enemy of chicken’ Tito Mboweni for his ‘stew’

‘The results are the same as ANC’s delivery promises,’ wrote one tweep after spotting Tito Mboweni’s failed chicken stew.

Tito Mboweni chicken

Tito Mboweni butchered this chicken stew. Images via Twitter: @titomboweni

Former finance minister Tito Mboweni seems to be the name on everyone’s lips these days. When people aren’t dragging him for his association with the African National Congress (ANC), they are making hilarious remarks about his cooking skills which he shows off on his Twitter page very frequently.

Fowl play: Tito Mboweni’s chicken stew fail

South Africa’s favourite former minister Tito Mboweni’s cooking has been a source of laughter ever since he started sharing how he prepares his meals with his Twitter followers a few years ago.

The minister, who is famous for cooking with pilchards and garlic, seems to have branched out and now shares posts about a variety of foods that get made in his kitchen.

His latest dish was a chicken stew – or at least that’s what it was meant to be.

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In a series of photos, Tito shows how he cooked a full chicken in a pot filled with water and vegetables. It seems he may have left the pot on the stove for way too long because the next photo shows the done meal – shredded chicken pieces with a few bones in the mix.


Tito Mboweni’s cooking compared to ANC’s service delivery

The post left many people roasting Mboweni for the epic fail. One hilarious person even remarked that he had turned the chicken into a cabbage. Others resorted to saying that Mboweni’s cooking was like the ANC’s service delivery.

@girl_kaybee said:

“Tito Mboweni is the enemy of chicken.”

@Moyabo11 said:

“What’s the purpose of the bone in the plate because it has been stripped of it’s dignity”

@ChrisExcel102 said:

“Tito Mboweni is living a carefree life that gives zero fucks what people say. His happiness is the only thing that matters. Man’s living in his own world.”

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