Tito Mboweni

Tito Mboweni’s cooking was rudely interrupted. Image via Twitter: @tito_mboweni

‘Boom. Power off’: Load shedding spoils Tito Mboweni’s chicken stew

‘Jeso…we shall overcome’: Tito Mboweni’s attempt to improve on his chicken stew, was cut short by load shedding.

Tito Mboweni

Tito Mboweni’s cooking was rudely interrupted. Image via Twitter: @tito_mboweni

Load shedding is back and it’s worse than ever. Many South Africans have found themselves adjusting their schedules to make do with the limited amount of electricity available and let’s just say things have been rough. Former finance minister Tito Mboweni was left in a rather sticky situation along with the rest of us.

No special treatment for Tito Mboweni whose stew was left in the dark

Load shedding does not discriminate. Tito Mboweni can attest to this after his cooking was rudely interrupted by a power outage. Taking to his Twitter page, Tito shared how he had just put his chicken stew on the boil when suddenly the lights went out.

Tito, like many, does not seem to follow his load shedding schedule and unfortunately left his chicken hanging. He took a snap of the potted chicken and vegetables and one couldn’t help but sympathise with him.

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“Just as I was preparing my chicken stew, boom, power off. Jeso..we shall overcome!’ he captioned the post.

Not everyone feels bad thought

While many were surprised that a high-profile former minister does not have a generator or backup power supply, others started making jokes about Tito’s sometimes dismal cooking skills.

A lot of tweeps also joked that the chicken had been saved by the bell and encouraged Tito not to add too much water when the power eventually went back on.

@sigampu_sb said:

“I feel sorry for that poor chicken it will be harassed by your garlic and tomatoes. Can’t you cook your meal without garlic?”

On a more serious note @KhutsoRebel wrote:

“An ANC leader makes a joke about the incompetency of his party and South Africans are giggling, no wonder this party has been in power for so long while dismally failing.”

@Impicabadala_ joked:

“I can imagine the relief of that chicken just as you were about to add 20 litres of water.”

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