'The Wife'

‘The Wife’ star Mondli Makhoba. Images via Instagram: @mondlimakhoba

‘I have a calling’: ‘The Wife’ star Mondli Makhoba [WATCH]

Actor Mondli Makhoba, who plays Nkosana Zulu in ‘The Wife’ revealed in ‘Podcast and Chill’ interview he’s got a calling to become a sangoma.

'The Wife'

‘The Wife’ star Mondli Makhoba. Images via Instagram: @mondlimakhoba

Mondli Makhoba who plays Nkosana Zulu on the hit Showmax series The Wife told MacG on Podcast and Chill that he’s got a calling and he’s still being trained to become a sangoma.   

‘The Wife’ actor Mondli Makhoba. Image supplied

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The former Generations: The Legacy actor Mondli Makhoba, who plays Nkosana Zulu in The Wife also reveals on Podcast and Chill that things were not working out for him before accepting his calling to become a sangoma.   

He adds that he couldn’t study further in his degree overseas because his mind was always in South Africa.  

“I’ll have these episodes… like I wasn’t asleep, but my mind would go to a certain zone. And it only makes sense now, I didn’t understand it then.”  

Sol asks him: “How does it make sense now, how do you mean?”  

Makhoba replies: “It makes sense now because I have a spiritual gift. I have a calling…”  

When Macg asks him if he’s a traditional healer, Makhoba reveals that he’s still an apprentice…he’s still in training.   

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Dineo and Solo  

News24 reports that former The Queen actress Dineo Langa and her husband Solo revealed that they were both traditional healers on their three-part wedding special titled Kwakuhle Kwethu. Then, during the lockdown, they started a YouTube channel where one of the videos was about their journey as spiritually-gifted people and undergoing the journey of ukuthwasa as a couple.  

Boity Thulo  

Actress and rapper Boity Thulo announced that she had gone through the process of ukuthwasa. The Ba Kae hitmaker has been vocal about her journey and has gone into depth about it on various TV shows and even her own reality show.  

Boity Thulo. Image via Twitter @fortunefano


Veteran actress Shoki Mmola – who played the role of Celia Kunutu in Skeem Saam revealed in a 2019 interview with Move Magazine that she’s delighted to be a practicing sangoma.  

“I’m practicing full time and I am qualified to give sick notes. Anyone that comes to me, I am registered as a traditional healer. It was quite an achievement.”     

The actress was also quick to point out that she doesn’t view herself as a celebrity sangoma and didn’t answer her calling to be part of some fashion trend.     

“I thought no one would take me seriously because now it’s becoming a celeb trend. I was born into this. It was given out of love and that I would do right by it.”  

Nokuthula Ledwaba 

Actress Nokuthula Ledwaba, who is known for her role as Angelina in The River, is also a sangoma. In a since-deleted tweet, Nokuthula shared what she looked like before and after accepting her calling.  

Nokuthula Ledwaba. Image via Twitter @NoxNonozi 

Letoya Makhene-Pulumo  

Former Generations: The Legacy actress and daughter to musical icon Blondie Makhene, Letoya is also a traditional healer. The star has been vocal about her spiritual journey on social media and is a practising healer. 

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