The Undertaker

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels went head to head in the ring in 2009. Image via Instagram @undertaker/ @officialshawnmichaels

‘The greatest’: The Undertaker gives Shawn Michaels his flowers

On 19 June, The Undertaker from WWE honoured wrestler Shawn Michaels for being part of the famous wrestling show for almost four decades.

The Undertaker

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels went head to head in the ring in 2009. Image via Instagram @undertaker/ @officialshawnmichaels

On 19 June, retired professional wrestler The Undertaker—real name Mark William Calaway decided to give his long-term friend and former colleague Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, better known by his ring name Shawn Michaels his accolades for being with WWE for 35 years.


Before retiring, The Undertaker was at WWE for a little over 20 years. However, long before he was on the wrestling show, Shawn Michaels had already made a name for himself in the famous ring. Shawn Michaels made his debut on the show with his longtime partner Marty Jannetty, known as The Rockers, Wrestling Inc reported. The duo never won the WWE Tag Team Championships and separated. They later became one of the most legendary tag team breakups in wrestling history.

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In 2009, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels aka The Heartbreak Kid (HBK) took to the ring in what would ultimately force the HBK to retire from wrestling, Sportkeeda reported. At the end of the legendary fight, The Undertaker won his 18th WrestleMania match.

After 35 years of Shawn Michaels being part of WWE, The Undertaker decided to celebrate his friend and former colleague by giving him his flowers for reaching the incredible milestone. Via a Tweet, The Undertaker wrote,

“Throughout my career, if I had to pick one person to share the ring with, without hesitation it would be @ShawnMichaels.”

“He is one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots! Congrats on 35 years with @WWE you have earned all the accolades bestowed upon you!” The Undertaker added.

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Meanwhile, on his timelines, Shawn Michaels, the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative took time to reminisce on his career at WWE and thanked WWE Universe for its unwavering support.

“35 years ago, I entered @WWE as The Heartbreak Kid, and what a ride it’s been! Thank you to WWE for giving me an opportunity of a lifetime and to the incredible WWE Universe for your unending support! You’re the reason I’ve still got that sweet chin music after all these years!” he said.

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The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels has been part of WWE for 35 years. Image via Instagram @undertaker/ @officialshawnmichaels


“Congratulations @ShawnMichaels It’s been fun watching you through the years!” @BRFROST responded.

“The greatest match in history,” @YASSIN2k wrote.

“Literally the 2 best to ever do it IMO,” @billycostajr said.

“Well, @CrizPBitz this debate has been settled. The legend has spoken HBK is greater than the hitman,” @Gyrai_G replied.

“2 greatest legends of all time This was One of the best & greatest of all time WrestleMania match in the history of #WM,” @rshah2611 commented.

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