Lynn Forbes

Lynn Forbes treated herself and got ombre brows. Image via Instagram @lynnforbesza

‘Too thick’: The Megacy on Lynn Forbes new eyebrows [watch]

After seeing Lynn Forbes’ new eyebrows, The Megacy and her online followers were left with no choice but to be honest with her.

Lynn Forbes

Lynn Forbes treated herself and got ombre brows. Image via Instagram @lynnforbesza

AKA’s mom Lynn Forbes had The Megacy and her online followers scratching their heads after showing them her new eyebrows in a video shared on Instagram on Wednesday, 7 June.


Rapper AKA—real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes died on 10 February in Durban after he was shot at close range outside Wish restaurant at the age of 35. After weeks of his death, IOL quoted his mother as saying,

I do realise that my life has forever changed and that I would forever be a different person. I would never be the ‘Glammy’ or the Lynn that everybody knows … a part of me has been removed forever.”

However, it seems Lynn is beginning to get back to her “glam” self as she was recently seen getting dolled up and treating herself to a set of ombre brows.

According to The Brow Palace, ‘Ombre brows, also known as Powdered Brows, are a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look.”

In Lynn’s latest Instagram post, she can be seen at a beauty salon pampering herself and getting herself a set of ombre brows. In the video, the slain rapper’s mother can be seen relaxing as the beautician worked on her eyebrows. Taking to her feed, she captioned,

“My eyebrows really needed some love … it’s been more than 4 months since I’ve last visited @lifedayspafourways_brow_lash 👌🏽🙌🏽🤗💜🙏🏽”

Unfortunately, The Megacy and her online followers weren’t quite impressed with the results and rushed to the comment section to kindly let her know that her brows were simply just not on fleek.

“Stop hating mam! 😂 This is the application …. my brows will be perfect once I’ve had a shower or 2 🙄🙈,“ Lynn insisted.

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“I love you, mama Lynne neh, wena you are beautiful, mara [but] these brows look ugly. Very ugly. I’m posting this with love I swear🫣🤗,” @lebohang_molela commented.

“Ma’am this is too big and black 🙅🏽♀️😳,” @erreno_did_itzz reacted.

“I would like to see them after a week or so. Maybe is not make sure will make sure 🤔,” @dzeeneyo said.

“The brows are a bit too dark and very big but you still look beautiful Mama❤️,” @sharpppay_zed wrote.

“They did the brows a tad too thick Aunty Lynn, but you’re still beautiful nonetheless ❤️,” @bia_aine replied.

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