Gayton McKenzie, Mmusi Maimane

PA leader Gayton McKenzie clapped back at Mmusi Maimane’s shady tweet.
Images via Twitter:
@GaytonMcK/ @mmaimane

‘Coming from a pastor?’: Gayton claps back at Mmusi’s shady tweet

Low blow? Pastor and politician Mmusi Maimane has been dragged for bringing up PA leader Gayton McKenzie’s criminal past.

Gayton McKenzie, Mmusi Maimane

PA leader Gayton McKenzie clapped back at Mmusi Maimane’s shady tweet.
Images via Twitter:
@GaytonMcK/ @mmaimane

Politics is a messy business…but was Mmusi Maimane’s attack on Gayton McKenzie uncalled for? 

The Build One South Africa (BOSA) party leader took a low-blow shot at the Patriotic Alliance head on Twitter on Wednesday, 26 April. This over reports Gayton – a reformed convict – had his sights set on being Johannesburg’s next mayor.

Gayton is currently the outgoing mayor of the Central Karoo District.

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This week, Johannesburg mayor Thapelo Amad handed in his resignation with immediate effect. This, following less than 100 days in office.

Amad is a councillor of the Al Jama-ah political party, who was voted in as mayor through a coalition by the PA, ANC, and EFF. In return, the parties each received a mayoral committee seat.

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But Amad  – the seventh mayor of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality in just two years – seemingly folded under the pressure and public scrutiny. His resignation came on the eve of Action SA’s vote of no confidence.

Responding to Amad’s mayoral backlash, Gayton Mckenzie said in a statement last week: “We voted for this man, which may be forgivable. To not remove him now would be unforgivable”.

At a media briefing this week, Gayton was seen sitting alongside Amad, who tendered his resignation letter.

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Mmusi Maimane – an outspoken political leader – retweeted the picture of the men, posting: “We cannot have convicted criminals governing the City of Johannesburg. That is like allowing an alcohol to run Tops”.

Mmusi Maimane. Gayton Mckenzie
Mmusi Maimane’s shady tweet. Image via Twitter: @mmaimane


Following Mmusi’s shady tweet – which he swiftly deleted – Gayton McKenzie responded.

He replied: “I am no longer in the race for Joburg mayor. Usually, I would mind such a comment, but coming from a pastor makes me feel sorry makes me feel sorry for the people with who you share the word of God with

“You are basically saying that the blood of Christ has no power to change my life. It’s lost its power”.

Gayton followed up with another tweet, adding: “I still think you are a wonderful gent @MmusiMaimane. All good and forgotten, we all say things we regret or wanna retract later. Thanks, and the blood lives”.

A few hours later, Mmusi sheepishly offered an apology – which he also deleted.

It read: “I respect Mr McKenzie and the work he has done post-serving time. I spoke out of anger on behalf of the residents due to the musical chairs of mayors”.

He added: “We serve the same Jesus, who believes the best of us in redemption.”

Mmusi Maimane, Gayton McKenzie
Mmmusi Maimane deleted this tweet too. Image via Twitter: @mmaimane


Gayton McKenzie’s career from criminal to presidential campaigner has been well-documented. The Bloemfontein-born politician and motivational speaker has spoken extensively about his criminal background, which included armed robbery and being a part of the notorious “Numbers” gang.

In jail, Gayton McKenzie formed a firm friendship with Kenny Kunene – who was imprisoned for theft and fraud. The pair would be involved in a bombshell prison expose in 2002 at Grootvlei, which led to his early release.

He tweeted of Kunene and himself: “They can call us criminals, yes we did commit crimes three decades ago. We went to jail; we paid for our crimes. We share our riches because we know what it is not to have; we gave 17,000 food parcels during lockdown. Salute.”