Thabo Bester

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie reveals how Thabo Bester escaped prison.
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Thabo Bester’s great escape: Gayton Mckenzie on what happened

THIS is how Thabo Bester escaped prison, claims convict-turn-mayor Gayton McKenzie, who has offered his advice to investigating authorities.

Thabo Bester

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie reveals how Thabo Bester escaped prison.
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The prison escape of Thabo Bester – known as the Facebook Rapist – is the stuff movies are made of. But how exactly did he do it all? According to former convict-turn-politician Gayton McKenzie, he may have the answers…

Gayton- the leader of the Patriotic Alliance and mayor of the Central Karoo District – was once imprisoned for multiple crimes, including armed robbery. He also led a bombshell expose about the underhanded dealings at the Grootvlei prison.

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Over the weekend, the Department of Correctional Services confirmed that Bester had faked his death and escaped prison in May 2022. A month later, he was spotted in a Sandton shopping mall.

He is currently still at large.


In a Twitter thread on Monday, 27 March, Gayton McKenzie explained how Thabo Bester pulled off his elaborate plan.

According to GroundUp, Bester – convicted of rape and murder – allegedly fled the Magaung Correctional Centre with the help of celebrity aesthetics professional Dr Nandipha Magudumana, also known as Dr Nandi.

Gayton tweeted: “I was in jail for a decade and understand that system, rules, and its modus operandi.”

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Reflecting on the ordeal, he shared: “Something worse than an escape happened here; a murder took place. Firstly I must state as a fact that many, many people were involved in this plot; impossible that only those that have been mentioned so far are involved. The cover-up here is the second biggest crime.

Thabo Bester
Thomas Thabo Bester aka the ‘Facebook Rapist’ has allegedly been spotted in public. Images via Twitter

Gayton then went into detail  on;

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Who was potentially involved…

“The cover-up couldn’t have happened without all three below-mentioned parties involved, politicians, prison officials, and police. You needed the involvement of all three; you cannot pull this off without all three parties.

The dead body

“The easiest part of this puzzle to partly solve is the dead body, what must be established quickly 1) Did they bring in an already dead person from outside? 2) Did they kill a prisoner? Very easy to establish this in a prison setup, do a roll call today

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“Both eventualities bring with it a lot more questions and widen the circle of people involved. Moving a dead person around in jail without cameras picking you up is virtually impossible.”

The fire

“The fire that was started was a contained fire; otherwise, the prison would have burned, and prisoners would have died of smoke inhalation. It happened in the past, and a lot of prisoners died. I’m mentioning it to show that this was planned by very smart people with huge knowledge.

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The getaway car

“You can escape from the prison building but still needs to get past the many guards at the gate, which are forced by law to search all cars, so Thabo must have left in the car of a senior official who might get away not being searched or the people at the gate were involved.

Whose key unlocked his cell?

“The inside of a jail consists of many gates. Those gates are manned by different wardens, each with a different key; only senior jail personnel have a master key that can open all gates. An investigation can show [who] signed out for the master key. The body and Thabo passed many gates.”

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“The biggest cover-up happened the day after the escape; big money must have changed hands for the absolute silence and unwillingness to investigate deeply.”


Gayton Mckenzie also referred turned his attention to Thabo Bester himself.

He continued:  “Planning such an escape and walking around in Sandton speaks of arrogance mixed with political cover. He knew he was untouchable.”

But the controversial politician also claimed that Bester and Dr Nandi would eventually pay for their actions – with their lives.

Thabo Bester's crimes
‘Facebook rapist’: Bester at court. Image/Brenton Geach

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He added: “The Dr girlfriend will soon be killed together with Thabo Bester. You don’t pull such a brilliant escape without very powerful politicians, cops, and prison officials. These officials and politicians are now hunting harder for the suspects”.

Gayton also called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to convene a task team to investigate Bester’s case. He also offered to provide his intelligence for free.