Who is the victim Tendai Ndoro

Tendari Ndoro and Thando Maseko in happier times. Image via Twitter @economic_rebel.

Who is the victim Tendai Ndoro or his wife? More allegations surface

Thando Maseko, the estranged wife of Tendai Ndoro claims he had ‘no money’, they lived in a rented house and he sold his car. Take a look…

Who is the victim Tendai Ndoro

Tendari Ndoro and Thando Maseko in happier times. Image via Twitter @economic_rebel.

Former Orlando Pirates striker Tendai Ndoro’s estranged wife has spoken out against allegations that she kicked him out of their home and seized his assets in an interview shared to Twitter on Friday 5 November. 


B-Metro reported that Tendai Ndoro was kicked out of his home in Kyalami after an argument with his estranged wife Thando Maseko. It was also reported that she seized his assets and left him with nothing. A source claimed that she was able to do that because he registered the house and cars in her name. 

“It appears Ndoro’s property in South Africa is not registered in his name so when things were not going well with his wife, he was kicked out of their Kyalami Estate home. The biggest mistake he made was not registering the house and cars in his name and that will be his downfall,” said a source to the publication.

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Thando fired back at these allegations stating that she and Tendai split in 2018 after she laid a charge of domestic violence against him. She went on to say that he volunteered to leave the home because it was easier than her living with the kids. She explained that this was because she was taking care of her son and his daughter. 

“I never kicked Tendai out,” said Maseko.

“The police said that both of us can’t stay in the same house since the kids are still on. One of us should leave. He said he will go,” she continued.

However, when he returned with his mother and family, he took his things and his daughter and left. She explained that this was peaceful and there was no fighting. She claimed that Tendai was not paying the rent and she was eventually evicted from their Boksburg home. 


Thando went on to say that Tendai did not have a lot of money when they were together. She claimed that he sold his Golf for that reason. 

“There was never four cars when we were together. He had the Golf,” she said.

“At the time, there was no money guys,” she continued. 

She said that she never lived in Kyalami. However,when she once tracked her car that he was using, he was in Kyalami. 

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