Annie Mthembu

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Team Annie: Viewers impressed with ‘RHOD’ star’s growth

‘Loving the results of therapy’: #RHOD viewers are seeing a pleasant change in Annie following her confrontation with Jojo.

Annie Mthembu

Image via Instagram

For the past three Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) seasons, businesswoman Annie Mthembu has been regarded as the villain because of how she would stir drama and handle fallouts.

However, in this season, viewers have seen a different and more mature side to her.

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The mom-of-two and wife to business magnet Kgolo “DaGuru” Mthembu, has previously revealed that she is working on herself and going to therapy.

While some RHOD did not buy her rebrand when season four started, Annie seems to have more fans in her corner after her heart-to-heart with her “ex-friend” Jojo.

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The pair have not been on good terms all season and it is because of more than one reason. Besides the drama surrounding friend of the show Sane’s claims that Annie “slept her way to the top”, the Annaesthetic Beauty Studio owner also did not take kindly to Jojo claiming she insinuated that she is an alcoholic.

During their getaway at Sani Pass in the Drakensberg Mountains, Jojo told the group that Annie seemed to imply that she is a drunkard. However, Annie insisted that she would never say that about her because she does not have any negative thoughts about Jojo’s drinking.

But, for Jojo, that explanation did not matter as she said that she feels the general consensus in their group is that she drinks a lot. A back-and-forth e eventually ensued among the ladies, resulting in a glass-throwing incident from Jojo.

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With their relationship still strained, Annie decided to have a one-on-one with Jojo to address the claims while they were on holiday in Knysna, Western Cape.

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However, her attempt to resolve her issues with Jojo, and express her hurt, fell on deaf ears. The pair had yet another back-and-forth, which saw a hurt Annie crying.

According to Annie, all she wants is for Jojo to take accountability and admit that she is manipulative. On the other hand, Jojo feels that Annie invalidated her feelings and cast her out of the group.

Jojo Robinson wants to become the most tattooed woman in SA. Images via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson.

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RHOD fans have expressed that they are impressed with how Annie handled the situation with Jojo. Some, who have previously expressed how much they disliked her, have noticed a change in how she handles conflict.