Lasizwe says he is going to kill off his alter ego Nomatriquency. Images via screenshots from Instagram @lasizwe.

Calling all the ‘Sweeries’: Lasizwe’s alter ego gets a job at Steers! [watch]

Lasizwe Dambuza’s alter ego Nomtriquency, also known as ‘Tricky Baby’, has levelled up from cashier to supervisor at Steers!


Lasizwe says he is going to kill off his alter ego Nomatriquency. Images via screenshots from Instagram @lasizwe.

Social media star Lasizwe Dambuza announced on 27 September that he bagged a brand deal with fast food franchise Steers. 


Lasizwe’s alter ego Nomatriquency, also known as “Tricky Baby”, is now a Steers employee. The social media star’s fans, known as the “Sweeries” were first introduced to Nomatriquency through Lasizwe’s YouTube channel where she was a cashier. 

The feisty cashier has now levelled up as the supervisor at Steers. This is a big brand deal for Lasizwe, who previously partnered with retailer Game. He explained that his new “job” is like Tyler Perry’s Madea bagging an endorsement with a big American brand.

“We are just doing a web series around Triqy baby as a supervisor as we tour different cities. There’s quite a lot that we have packed with this campaign. Basically, the girl’s got a job. The pandemic had taken away her last job at a retail store but now she’s levelled up as a supervisor,” said Lasizwe to The Sowetan. 

“Having Nomatriquency partner with Steers is like saying Tyler Perry’s Madea has an endorsement with a big American brand which to me is really cool,” he continued. 

Nomatriquncy is here to take up space! The social media star said that the biggest take away from the partnership is being able to change the narrative around women being able to take on leading roles in big companies.

“Women can be a boss, be a mom, an aunt, a friend… a lot of things. What I also want to teach an average consumer or a fan is, no matter what your gender is, you need to allow yourself to be multifaceted and multidimensional and succumb to what societal standards put you in!,” he added. 

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“I AM OFFICIALLY A STEERS GYAL! #NomatriquencyXSteers ! @SteersSA.  Let’s make so TRICKY BABY MAGIC for the people,” the post was captioned. 


Twitter users, who have been following Lasizwe for some time, were excited about his new partnership. Many took to the comments section of the post to congratulate him.

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